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Series # Title Price
EM 8412-E Managing Dairy Grazing for More Milk and Profit (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
PNW 492-E Managing Russian Thistle Under Conservation Tillage in Crop-Fallow Rotations (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EC 1558 Managing Small-acreage Horse Farms for Green Pastures, Clean Water, and Healthy Horses (View it now) - Learn more - Out of stock $4.00
EC 1610-E Managing Small-acreage Horse Farms in Central and Eastern Oregon (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1043-E Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Uptake in Perennial Grasses Fertilized with Dairy Manure (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
SR 1079-E Nonstructural Carbohydrates in Cool-season Grasses (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8585-E Nutrient Management for Dairy Production: Manure Application Rates for Forage Production (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
PNW 611-E Nutrient Management Guide: Dryland and Irrigated Alfalfa in Inland Washington-Oregon-Idaho (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EC 1563-E Pacific Northwest’s Least Wanted List: Invasive Weed Identification and Management (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
PNW 614 Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest (View it now) - Learn more - Add to cart $18.00
FG 63-E Pastures: Western Oregon and Western Washington (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
FG 17-E Red Clover: Western Oregon—West of Cascades Fertilizer Guide (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00

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