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EM 8979-E Hazelnut Pest and Beneficial Insects: An Identification Guide (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8976-E Winter Grain Mite: A Fall and Winter Pest of Cereals and Grasses in Oregon (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8975-E Grapevine Growth Distortions: A Guide to Identifying Symptoms (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8948-E What’s Wrong with my Potato Tubers? Diagnosing Tuber Abnormalities in Western Oregon and Washington (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8947-E Flea Beetle Pest Management for Organic Potatoes (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8946-E Identification of Invasive and Reemerging Pests on Hazelnuts (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8919-E Armyworms in Grass Pastures and Corn in Western Oregon (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8906 Deciding When to Treat for 12-Spot Beetles in Snap Beans / Cómo y Cuándo Controlar al Escarabajo de 12 Manchas en los Ejotes (vainitas, habichuelas) (View it now) - Learn more - Add to cart $3.50
EM 8904-E Using Pear Ester to Monitor Codling Moth in Sex Pheromone Treated Orchards (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8889-E Blueberry Gall Midge: A Possible New Pest in the Northwest (Identification, Life Cycle, and Plant Injury) (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8830-S-E Guía para el Monitoreo de Plagas en Huertas de Pera: Un Recurso para el Noroeste del Pacífico (Orchard Pest Monitoring Guide for Pears: A Resource Book for the Pacific Northwest) (View it now) $0.00
EM 8762-E Cereal Leaf Beetle: Identification, Control, and California Quarantine Alert (Available only online) (View it now) $0.00

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