Agricultural Experiment Station
Oregon State University
Special Report 1053
June 2004

2003 Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center Annual Report

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Weather Information: 2003 Water Year, Powell Butte, Oregon

Weather Information: 2003 Water Year, Madras, Oregon

I. Safe and Effective Management of Pests

Evaluation of the Potential for Systemic Infection of Carrot Seed Crops by s Xanthomona campestris pv. carotae

Lygus Control on Seed Carrots in Central Oregon, 2003

Bacterial Blight of Carrot Seed Crops: Identification of Sources of Inoculum

Evaluation of Herbicides for Effect on Seed Set in Kentucky Bluegrass and Rough Bluegrass Seed Production, 2002-2003

Performance of Postemergence Herbicides on Eight Native Grass Species Grown for Seed in Central Oregon, 2000-2002

Seedpiece and Soil Treatments to Reduce Powdery Scab Infection on Potatoes

Impace of Seedborne Potato Virus Y on Yield of Russet Norkotah Potatoes

II. Plant Improvement

Peppermint Variety Trial, Central Oregon, 1999-2003

Triticale Cereal Testing Trial, Central Oregon 2003

The Influence of Nitrogen Application on Carrot Seed Yield

Fall Dormancy Effect on Three-cut First-year Alfalfa Quality and Yield

Fall Dormancy Effect on Three-cut Alfalfa Production

Fall Dormancy Effect on Four-cut First-year Alfalfa Quality and Yield

Fall Dormancy Effect on Four-cut Alfalfa Production

Occurance and Attempts to Control Clover and Winter Grain Mites in Central Oregon Grass Pasture and Hay Field

III. Systems for Producing Agricultural Crops

Evaluation of ApogeeŽ and PalisadeŽ on 'Stephens' Wheat, 2003

Drip Irrigation on Commercial Seed Carrots and Onions in Central Oregon, 2003

Evaluation of PalisadeŽ on Kentucky and Rough Bluegrass, 2003

Jefferson County Smoke Management Piball Observations, 2003

IV. Disease Detection Procedures

Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Powdery Mildew in Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production in Central Oregon, 2003

V. Other

Evaluation of Simulated Hail Damage to Peppermint in Central Oregon, 2003