Agricultural Experiment Station
Oregon State University
Special Report 1063
June 2005

Research in the Klamath Basin 2004 Annual Report

Entire document in PDF ( 1 MB file)


Note from the Superindent (140 KB PDF)

Major Cooperators in Klamath Experiment Station Research Programs (140 KB PDF)

Advisory Board and Staff (136 KB PDF)

Weather and Crop Summary, 2004 (140 KB PDF)

Russet-skinned 2004 Potato Variety Evaluation Trials (196 KB PDF)

Red-skinned and Specialty Potato Variety Screening and Evaluation, 2004 (176 KB PDF)

Evaluation of Alternative Carriers for Potato Seed Treatment Fungicides (156 KB PDF)

Effects of Prenuclear Minituber Seed Size on Production of Wallowa Russet Seed (132 KB PDF)

Effects of Telone® II and Metam Sodium on Control of Root-knot Nematode in the Klamath Basin (188 KB PDF)

Effects of Vydate® on Control of Root-knot Nematode and Corky Ringspot in the Klamath Basin (248 KB PDF)

Spring Wheat and Barley Variety Screening in the Klamath Basin (168 KB PDF)

Irrigated Alfalfa Variety Trials (164 KB PDF)

Grass and Mixed Grass/Alfalfa Variety Trials (188 KB PDF)

Cereal Forage Trial, 2004 (124 KB PDF)

Seed Coat Effect on Alfalfa Production, 2004 (128 KB PDF)

Hybrid Poplar Production in the Rogue Valley, 1997-2004 (192 KB PDF)