Oregon State University
Agricultural Experiment Station

Proceedings of November 1-2, 2001
North American Root Weevil Workshop

SR 1065
January 2007

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Preface, Workshop Agenda (48 KB) pdf

An Aggregation of Root Weevils (284 KB) pdf

Acoustic Detection of Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Larval Infestations in Nursery Containers (168 KB) pdf

Insect Parasitoids Reared from Adult Root Weevils Collected in Washington (120 KB) pdf

Techniques in Black Vine Weevil Research: Part I, Pot Studies and Rearing (40 KB) pdf

Techniques in Black Vine Weevil Research: Part II, Adulticide Studies (380 KB) pdf

A Food Industry Perspective on Root Weevils (40 KB) pdf

Speak No Weevil: What Rhododendron Growers Said About Their
Root Weevil Management (152 KB) pdf

Integrated Pest Management on Peppermint--IPMP3.0 (32 KB) pdf

Observations for Proceedings of the North American Root Weevil Conference,
November 1-2, 2001 (28 KB) pdf

Root Weevil Larvae Control in Oregon Strawberries (28 KB) pdf

Registration of New Insecticides for Mint (68 KB) pdf

January 2007