Oregon State University
Agricultural Experiment Station

Central Oregon Agricultural Research Center
2007 Annual Report

SR 1084
August 2008

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Introduction (167KB) pdf

Weather Information (106KB) pdf

Vegetable Seed Production
--Evaluation for Improved Control of Bacterial Blight of Carrot with Early Season Copper Bactericides, 2006-2007 (127KB) pdf
--Repeated Irrigation of Low Amounts of Germination Stimulants for Reduction of Sclerotia of Sclerotimum cepivorum (156KB) pdf
--Sampling and Damage Assessment of Pratylenchus Nematodes Associated with Wheat-Carrot Seed Crop Rotation in Central Oregon (100KB) pdf
--Carrot Tolerance to Pendimethalin and Oxyfluorfen (112KB) pdf
--Effect of Priming on Parsley Seed Germination (290KB) pdf
--Garlic Tolerance to Bromoxynil (93KB) pdf

Grass Seed Production
--Non-thermal Residue Management in Kentucky Bluegrass (6.81MB) pdf
--Kentucky Bluegrass Tolerance to Primisulfuron (129KB) pdf
--Kentucky Bluegrass Tolerance to Mesotrione Applied in the Fall (94KB) pdf
--Creeping Bentgrass Control with Mesotrione (4.31MB) pdf
--HPPD Herbicide Screening on Seed Crops (119KB) pdf
--Evaluation of Simulated Hail Damage to Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production in Central Oregon, 2007 (93KB) pdf
--Jefferson County Smoke Management Pilot Balloon Observation, 2007 (69KB) pdf

Forage and Cereals Production
--2007 Winter and Spring Wheat Variety Trials (117KB) pdf
--Control of Winter Grain Mite Infesting Timothy (138KB) pdf
--Notes on and Control of the Clover Mite, Bryobia praetiosa Koch, Infesting Orchardgrass in Central Oregon (114KB) pdf
--Weed Control in Grass/Alfalfa Mixed-Hay (105KB) pdf

Potatoes and Peppermint Production
--Sensory Evaluation of Advanced Specialty Potato Selections (4.41MB) pdf
--Sensitivity of Potato Selection AO96160-3 to Metribuzin (81KB) pdf
--Herbicide Efficacy and Residue Persistence in Peppermint (132KB) pdf

Potential New Crops
--Winter Canola Variety Trial, 2007 (101KB) pdf
--Spring Canola and Mustard Variety Trial, 2007 (97KB) pdf
--Canola Growth Inhibitor Trial, 2007 (281KB) pdf
--Volunteer Canola Control with Linuron (76KB) pdf
--Brassica Flowering Date Trial, 2007 (135KB) pdf
--Corn Variety Trial, 2007 (94KB) pdf
--Chickpea Variety Trial Yield and Composition, 2007 (90KB) pdf

Rangeland and Non-Crop Areas
--Puncturevine Control in Right-of-Way Areas (86KB) pdf
--Control of Medusahead and Cheatgrass on Central Oregon Rangelands with Landmark, Matrix, Plateau, and Journey, 2006-2007 (128KB) pdf
--Control of Medusahead and Cheatgrass on Central Oregon Rangelands Using Outrider and Roundup Pro Alone and in Combination, 2006-2007 (89KB) pdf

Published August 2008