2014 Tree School Handouts and Presentations

1AB Milling-Cutting & Drying, PPT - Reeb, Stricker

8A Modern Wood Markets, PPT- Fehrenbacher

9A Soils 101, Part 1 PPT - Bondi

11A & 11C Mushroom Cultivation, PPT - McMigas

14A Blackberries & ScotchBroom & Tansy, PPT - Green

15A Forest Weed ID, PPT - Bubl

17A Oregon Timber Tax, PPT - Shibley

19A Biology & Management of Western Redcedar, Part 1 PPT - Harrington

7B Ponds-Look before you Dig, PPT - Adams

10B Native Plant Forest Gardens, PPT, Koshkarian

12B Honey Bee Health & Biology, PPT - Sagili

13B Christmas Tree Diseases - or Not, Part 1, PPT - Landgren

13C Pest Management in Christmas Trees, PPT - Jepson

15B & 15C Herbaceous Weed Control & Woody Brush Control, handout - Kelpsas

16B Root & Butt Rot of NW Conifers, PPT - Shaw

17B Tax Treatments for Timber, handout - Shibley/Waldorf

18B Planning a Timber Cruise, PPT - Rogers

19B Alternative Silviculture Methods, PPT, Fitzgerald

1CD Stand Density Management, handout - Fitzgerald

4C Science & Scientists in the Woods, handout - Adams

6C Forest Management Plan III, handout - Diaz

7C Finding the Right Professional, handout - Ries/Bezzerides/Daugherty

8C Water Rights in Oregon, Part 1, PPT, French

9C Wonderful World of Wood Innovation, PPT - Leavengood

16C Exotic Species at your Door, Part 1, PPT - Park

17C Non-chemical Vegetation Management, Part 1, PPT - Ahr

3D Naked Tree Planting (Reforestation), handout - DeLano

4D Working Safely in your Woodlands, handout - Schreiber

6D So, you want to sell your Woodland? handout - Willhite

8D Helping Fish Make a Comeback, Part 1, PPT - Stewart

13D Confessions of a Christmas Tree Owner, PPT - Norby

14D Backpack Sprayer & Calibration, handout - Landgren

19D Soil Health & Well Being, Part 1, PPT - Bondi

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