Clackamas County 4-H Food Contest Guide

4-H Cloverbud learning to measure dry ingredientsWe have compiled all our forms, descriptions, and tip sheets into this helpful guide. Check revision dates to make sure you have the most up-to-date information. 

Leaders enrolled in Foods & Nutrtion &/or Food Preservation may order a printed copy of the Foods Contest Guide or the updates by contacting Kelly at the Extension office. 

Table of Contents

1. General Section

  1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions  (updated 4/24/13)
  2. Important Dates  (updated 4/24/13)
  3. How to Use the Contest and Activity Quick Reference Chart and Complete Information Forms  (updated 4/24/13)
  4. Contest and Activity Quick Reference Chart (updated 4/24/13)
  5. What Contests and Activities Can I Enter? (updated 4/24/13)
  6. 4-H Food Preparation Contest “Foods of the Pacific Northwest” Judge’s Information Form  (updated 4/24/13)
  7. 4-H Mini Meal Contest Judge’s Information Form  (updated 4/24/13)
  8. Quick Fix / Feeding Four for $6, $8, or $10  Food Challenge Information Sheet  (updated 4/24/13)
  9. Sportsmanship Expectations for Youth Participants


2. Activity and Contest Descriptions for ALL ages

  1. Cloverbuds Activities (updated 4/24/13)
  2. Junior, Intermediate & Senior Food Contests – Foods of the Pacific Northwest Food Preparation Rules (updated 4/24/13)
  3. Foods of the Pacific Northwest Contest Descriptions (updated 4/24/13)
  4. Mini-Meal Contest (updated 4/24/13)
  5. Quick Fix Meal Contest (updated 4/24/13)
  6. Feeding Four for $6, $8 or $10 Contest (updated 4/24/13)
  7. 4-H Food/Nutrition Contest Score Sheet (updated 4/24/13) link to state?
  8. Great American Cookie or Muffin Contest (updated 4/24/13)
  9. Food For Fun Contest (updated 4/24/13)
  10. Monster Cookie Contest
  11. Foods and Nutrition Judging Contest (updated 2/5/14)
  12. 4-H Table Setting Contest 
  13. Cake Decorating Contest
  14. Iron Chef Contest 
  15. 4-H Measuring Contest or Activity (updated 4/24/13)

The Learn & Earn Contest is a open to all Junior, Intermediate, or Senior 4-H members.


3. Supplemental Food Contest Information          

  1. Judges Helpful Suggestions
  2. Tips for Successful 4-H Food Contests
  3. Food Contest Checklist
  4. Leaders/Parents/Members Checklist for a Stress Free Contest  (updated 4/24/13)
  5. Table Setting Guidelines 
  6. Centerpieces
  7. Posters  (updated 4/24/13)
  8. Visual Aids
  9. Examples of Pacific Northwest Cookie Ingredients  (updated 4/24/13)
  10. Cookie Information & Tips  (updated 4/24/13)
  11. Cookie Troubleshooting
  12. Cost Estimate Calculations
  13. Measuring Ingredients



  1. Foods and Nutrition Resources on the state 4-H website
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