Clackamas County 4-H Food Contest Guide

4-H Cloverbud learning to measure dry ingredientsWe have compiled all our forms, descriptions, and tip sheets into this helpful guide. Check revision dates to make sure you have the most up-to-date information. 

Leaders enrolled in Foods & Nutrtion &/or Food Preservation may order a printed copy of the Foods Contest Guide or the updates by contacting Kelly at the Extension office. 

General Information

  1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions  
  2. Important 2017 Dates  
  3. How to Use the Contest and Activity Quick Reference Chart and Complete Information Forms  
  4. Contest and Activity Quick Reference Chart 
  5. What Contests and Activities Can I Enter? 
  6. Sportsmanship Expectations for Youth Participants


Activity and Contest Descriptions for ALL ages

  1. Cloverbuds Activities
  2. Food Preparation Contests at County and State Fair 
  3. 4-H Table Setting ContestState Fair Table Setting Contest
  4. Food Preparation Contests at Spring Fest   
  5. 4-H Measuring Contest or Activity - County Only
  6. 4-H Food/Nutrition Contest Score Sheet

Supplemental Food Contest Information          

  1. Judges Helpful Suggestions
  2. Tips for Successful 4-H Food Contests
  3. Food Contest Checklist
  4. Leaders/Parents/Members Checklist for a Stress Free Contest
  5. Centerpieces
  6. Posters
  7. Visual Aids
  8. Examples of Pacific Northwest Cookie Ingredients 
  9. Cookie Information & Tips
  10. Cookie Troubleshooting
  11. Cost Estimate Calculations
  12. Measuring Ingredients



  1. Foods and Nutrition Resources on the state 4-H website
  2. Food and Nutrition Leaders Guide
  3. State Fair Contest Information
  4. State Contest Materials
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