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Be a volunteer

We welcome adults and older youth to become volunteers in our program. Most of our volunteers go through training and screening to become 4-H Leaders. There are several types of 4-H Leaders:

Club Leaders* are mentors who oversee a group of young people learning about one or more topic areas.

Assistant Leaders* help with a club, perhaps by leading a particular project area or completing an organizational task.

Resource Leaders are not affiliated with a particular club, but they might provide technical assistance to several clubs or plan countywide activities.

There are two types of Youth Leaders who assist with 4-H Clubs. Junior Leaders are ages 12 - 18 and they assist the 4-H leader with the club. They only need the approval of their club leader to sign up as a Junior Leader. Teen Leaders are ages 15 - 18 and lead their own club, with an adult mentor* for assistance. Potential Teen Leaders should read the Teen Leader Packet and contact the Extension office for more information.

School Volunteers work during and after school to support teachers and work with youth. For questions, please contact Janet Nagele.

All adult volunteers must go through our screening process and attend an orientation session. Contact us for an application or for questions about becoming a leader. The application includes:

  1. Instructions
  2. Volunteer Screening & Education Process
  3. Criminal History Check Release Authorization Form - Please Note: Please include a photo copy of your official ID with your release form. 
  4. Application - (2 sided) - Please Note: Please provide complete contact information for three personal references (people who are not related to you.) We will send forms to your references immediately via email (or US mail if an email address is not provided.)
  5. Personal Interview Questionnaire
  6. Online e-Learning Modules Instructions (to be completed prior to attending New Leader Orientation)
  7. New Leader Orientation Schedule - Please RSVP 2 weeks in advance.

All materials and training are provided free of charge to volunteer leaders in recognition of their contributions to the program. You may begin your club meetings as soon as you receive confirmation that your application has been processed and you officially enroll in the county 4-H program.

NOTE: We encourage leader applicants to submit their paperwork well in advance of the orientation they choose to attend. This is especially important for the March session of the orientation, as we cannot guarantee that the leader approval process will be completed before our April 1st enrollment deadline.

Adult volunteers must enroll every year and be re-certify every two years.

Leader Re-Certification:

In the fall of 2017, volunteers born in an ODD year must sucessfully complete a Background/Criminal History Check and complete the Continuing Education Requirements. Please review the Re-Certification Letter or contact Trisha White with any questions.

*Each club must have a minimum of two leaders, one of which must be age 25 or older. 

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