Clackamas County 4-H forms

If you are new to 4-H, please go to how to join 4-H or how to become a leader.


IMPORTANT: Forms change every year. Please use the current forms ONLY.

2017-2018 Annual Club/Independent Registration Survey - This form is to be completed online. If you need a paper copy of this form, please contact the extension office at 503-655-8635.

Club Contact Leaders should fill out and submit this form. Once we receive your response, we'll distribute your re-enrollment packets with all the materials you'll need. We cannot accept any member or leader enrollments for your club until this Registration form has been completed.

Need extra forms? Click on the links below or contact the Extension office. NOTE: Please use these Clackamas County forms, instead of the ones available on the State website.


Forms for the 2018 Enrollment Year will be available October 2017!


These documents are in .pdf format and can be viewed with Acrobat Reader.


Additional Resources

Stop by the Extension office and check these out!

  • 2018 Source Book from National 4-H Supply - pick up a catalog or visit them online.
  • Library Items - a great way to learn more about your project area
  • Member Cards - every 4-Her's wallet should have one!
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