Extension Office History Through the Years

Extension building from1917 - 1926 at mouth of Singer Creek.
1917 - 1926
Extension office at 6th and Main in Oregon City from 1926 - 1933.
1926 - 1933
Extension office on Fifth and Main from 1933 - 1966.
1933 - 1966
Extension office located in the Federal Building from 1966 - 1982.
1966 - 1982
Clackamas County Extension service on Warner-Milne rd. from 1982 - present.
1982 - present

1917 - 1926 The Extension office was in a one room building (metal covered) on the Eighth Street side of the old courthouse and not far from the Willamette River steamboat dock at the mouth of Singer Creek. It was the first county agent's headquarters. Office(s) were on the upper level and storage below.



1926 - 1933 Extension office moved to a newly built stucco facility adjacent to the previous office and offered indoor plumbing, a lobby, and two private offices. A garage and storage occupied the lower level. County agent John Inskeep and staff did business here until 1933 when the county-owned lot was cleared to make way for the present courthouse. Extension offices occupied space at Sixth and Main until the Post Office building was ready.




1933 - 1966 The Extension office occupied rooms in the basement of the Post Office building on Fifth and Main.




1966 - 1982  Office is located in the Federal Building at 256 Warner-Milne Road. The Extension office shared this space with ASCS (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service), Soil and Water Conservation District and USDA Farmers Home Administration offices.




1982 - present  Clackamas County Extension shared this building (200 Warner-Milne road) with the county's 13 Home Health Care Nurses (and 2 clerks) from 1982 to 1986. When Extension moved into the entire building in 1986, a 4-H club worked on the exterior landscape as a beautification project. Many other donors including Extension Study Groups, 4-H clubs, local businesses and individual supporters contributed to the development of the meeting room and kitchen.

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