Service Provider Lists

Christmas Tree Contractors (PDF)

Licensed Christmas tree contractors providing tree planting, pesticide application, tree shearing and culturing, and harvesting labor services.

Forestry Consultants (PDF)

Timber inventory, appraisals, marketing and sales, contractor supervision, management plans, reforestation assistance, management of vegetation, fish & wildlife, water rights & resources, logging management, land survey, GIS mapping and photogrammetry, road planning & construction, engineering, financial analysis & estate/tax planning, real estate services.

Forestry Contractors (PDF)

Licensed Forestry contractors provide: site preparation, reforestation, pruning, thinning, fertilizing, ground and aerial pesticide application, brush mowing, slash piling and burning, stump removal, forest products grinding & composting, animal control, trail and road construction and maintenance, aerial surveys and slung cargo, urban forestry.

Log Buyers:

Oregon Forest Industry Directory was put together by Scott Leavengood OSU Wood Science & Engineering. If you wish to search for species of wood, select Log Buyers, then choose Companies/Advanced Search.

Management Planning Assistance (PDF)

Where to go for help developing a management plan for your property.

Mapping (PDF)

Where to go for mapping resources, plat maps, deeds, surveys, and aerial photography.

Pesticide Consultants, Dealers, Equipment and Licensed Applicators (PDF)

Where to go for pesticide products and technical assistance.

Portable Sawmills

Band and circular portable sawmillers providing custom cutting of lumber, beams and automated firewood production.

Registered Surveyors (PDF)

List of registered surveyors serving the Portland metro area.

Seedling Nurseries: Oregon Department of Forestry, Sources of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings

Tree seedling nurseries producing reforestation and Christmas tree stock for November 2016.

Small Job Loggers 

This is a list of loggers who are willing to do small logging jobs.

Stewardship Foresters (PDF)

Stewardship Foresters provide services encompassing various aspects of promoting and supporting landowners in improving forest health, timber, fish and wildlife habitat, soil and water quality, recreation opportunities and aesthetics of private forests through information, technical assistance, financial incentives and regulation.

Tax Consultants

Income tax assistance by local CPAs, licensed tax consultants.

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