Summary of Clackamas County 4-H Finanical Policy

  1. Clubs are required to submit an Annual Club Financial Statement every year by August 1, whether or not any fundraising activities were held. Advisory committies are also required to submit an Annual Advisory Financial Statement every year by August 1. Financial Statements are sent to club contact leaders and advisory treasurers each summer.
  2. Clubs are not required to conduct fundraising activities.
  3. Fundraisers should only be held to raise money for a specific purpose in carrying out the 4-H mission.
  4. Clubs/Advisories must submit a 4-H Fundraiser Proposal and/or a Donation Request Proposal form at least two weeks prior to the activity. The Extension Agent must approve all proposals in order for the fundraiser to be conducted in the name of 4-H.
  5. A $5.00 fee will be charged for each fundraiser to cover the fundraising insurance and due with the fundrasing proposal form.  A copy of the policy is available for facilities that require proof of insurance. 4-H leaders are not covered by the state's tort liability policy when conducting or participating in fundraising events.  
  6. Clubs must be currently enrolled with the Extension office when submitting a proposal and during the time of the fundraising activity.
  7. Clubs/Advisories must return the Follow Up Report portion of the Fundraiser/Donation form and return it to the Extension office within 10 business days following the event.
  8. Money collected in the name of 4-H belongs to 4-H, not individuals.
  9. When a club disbands, any property or money that belongs to the club needs to be given to 4-H. This could be to the Leaders Association, another club, or a 4-H Advisory group. It cannot be divided among the remaining members at the time of disbanding.

For more information on 4-H fundraising policy, refer to pages 24-26 of the Clackamas County 4-H Handbook, distributed to all 4-H leaders at New Leader Orientation.

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