Healthy Eating & Physical Activity

My Pyramid
Great resource for meal planning, weight management, exercise options, diet management for special situations, and a kids' section.


Nutriton Education Program
A federally funded program designed to reach low income families with nutrition information. Administered by OSU, Extension educators teach nutrition in nearly every county in Oregon.


Explore our favorite fast, healthy, and delicous recipes.


Eat Well For Less
A Web-based, self-paced learning module that offers ideas to meet some of the challenges of running a household.


Fruit and Vegetables
Take the online test to find out how many fruits and vegetables your body really needs every day!


Food Preparation
OSU Extension provides information about proper food preparation techniques.


Food Storage
Long-term food storage ideas and information.


Dates on Foods
What do they really mean?


USDA Food Safety Center
This site contains information on every topic related to food safety.

Garden Questionnaire

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