Family Food Educator (FFE) Program

Food Preservation Classes

We are currently working on training more volunteers to help us meet the requests for community classes. To receive updates on class schedules, contact Katlyn Axmaker at or 503-655-8631.

Volunteer Training

Our Family Food Educators, formally called Master Food Preservers, are trained volunteers who  provide OSU Extension Service educational programs to the general public on topics related to food resource management: nutrition, meal planning, budgeting, shopping, food preparation, food preservation/safety, food security, and more. If you are interested in finding more out about the program, contact the OSU Extension office at 503-655-8631.


Explore our favorite fast, healthy, and delicous recipes. Check out the Food Hero recipes.

Eat Well For Less

A Web-based, self-paced learning module that offers ideas to meet some of the challenges of running a household. Download the Eat Well for Less Modules here. Food Hero also offers wonderful tips and tricks on their website.

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