New Forestry Publications

EC 1151 Taxes and Assesments on Oregon Forestland & Timber, 2006, $4.00


EC 1609 Tarif Access Tables: A Comprehensive Set, 2007, $4.00


EM 8403 Wood Preservation and Wood Products Treatment Training Manual, 2003, $3.50


EM 8885-E Selecting Native Plant Materials for restoration projects Online only. 2006


EM 8894 Managing Himalayan Blackberries in Western Oregon riparian areas,2007, $3.00


PNW 576 Tree Growth, Forest Management and Their Implications for Wood Quality, 2004, $2.50


PNW 581 Land Measurement and Survey, 2006, $2.50


PNW 584 Pruning Western White Pine,2006, $5.00


PNW 590 Fire-resistant Plants for Home Landscapes, 2008, $3.00


EM 8937-E Defining Rural Oregon: An Exploration Online only. 2007.


EM 8934-E Pesticide Drift Management Online only. 2007.


EM 8934-S-E El Manejo de la Deriva de Pesticidas Online only


EM 8612-E Air and Shed Drying Lumber Online only. 2007.


EM 9047 Producing and Selling Logs for Maximum Revenue, 2012, $7.00


EM 9040-E A Guide to Riparian Tree and Shrub Planting in the Willamette Valley. Steps to Success, 2011, No charge

EM 9031-E Biology and Management of Knotweeds in Oregon, 2011, No charge.


View online or purchase from the Extension office in Oregon City, OR. True postage fees will be added to the publication price, if mailed. They can also be purchased from OSU at their online publication website.

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