Resources for Woodland Owners and Managers

Master Woodland Managers--

Are available to help woodland owners see what can be done to manage for many kinds of forest goals.

These helpers are volunteers who have experience caring for their own land and have the highest level training offered through OSU Extension's forestry program.

You can ask them to come for a brief visit on your land to demonstrate simple forest practices such as tree planting and tree diameter measurement or just to help you see opportunities for keeping the forest healthy.

All Master Woodland Managers provide their time and transportation costs without charge. Thanks would be welcome.

To learn more about this program's history and purpose, see the state-level website or call our county Extension office to request a brochure.

Contact the Extension office for a referral to a Master Woodland Manager that can help you with your questions.


Sources of Assistance

There are some great  resources and organizations to help our forest owners.  Find the latest information for family forest owners, find help with our  Sources of Assistance and check out the Organizations working with our Family Forest Owners.

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