Careers in Forestry

08:15am - 09:45am
New Class: 
Three-hour class: 

Careers in the forest sector have changed tremendously over the past several years, but many of these exciting new opportunities have not filtered down to tomorrow's workforce. Careers in Forestry is targeted for high school students or individuals considering a career path in natural resources management, as well as those who work with or know young people who could be interested in forestry careers.  It helps students learn up-to-date information about high-tech forest sector jobs that pay above-average wages. During an interactive presentation provided by Oregon Forest Resources Institute, students learn and explore the importance of forests, along with the many opportunities available to them in Oregon's skilled forest sector workforce. The presentation encourages student participation and questions. Take-away materials are distributed to students. 

Instructor: Peter Matzka, PhD, Contract Forest Education, Careers in Forestry Program, Oregon Forest Resources Institute, Silverton, OR.
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