Leader Resources

We share many important handouts, websites, and publications with leaders at our New Leader Orientation session. There are many more excellent resources that we don't have time to share in the session! On these pages, you will find both the items from the New Leader binder and additional information that we have found for you. They are arranged in the same sections that are used in the most current binder.

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Main 4-H Landing Page


4-H in Oregon and Clackamas County

State 4-H Policy Page

Using the 4-H Name and Emblem


The Yearly Cycle of 4-H

Annual Enrollment Information

4-H Fundraising Worksheet

Annual Financial Statement

Club Assests Disbursement Form

Club Materials and Equipment Inventory


Leading and Teaching Clubs and Groups

Sample Club Expectations (Diamond D Dazzlers)

Ages and Stages: 6 - 8 year olds

Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development

Teenage Brain: A work in progress

Targeting Life Skills Model

Essential Elements of 4-H

Active Teaching - Active Learning

Exciting Meetings for Great Groups

Links to other club support

  1. Agenda Worksheets
  2. Club Officer books

4-H Check-Out Library

4-H Project Materials


Volunteer Responsibilities

Opportunities for Leaders

Reporting Child Abuse

American Income Life Table of Benefits (Contact agent for claim form)

Clackamas County 4-H Accident/Injury Report Procedure

Report of Accident/Illness Form & Instructions

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