Older Youth Opportunities

4-H has lots to offer older youth! Some activities are open to youth beginning in 7th grade.

County Opportunities

Junior Leader - Youth in 7th-12th grade assist a leader with running a 4-H club.

Teen Leader - Youth in 10th-12th grade are the leader of their own 4-H club, with an adult volunteer partner.

Camp Counselor - Youth in 9th-12th grade train to lead cabins of youth at a 4-H Camp.

Clackamas County Ambassador Team - The premier older youth experience in our county 4-H program. Members are in 9th-12th grade and learn leadership skills, promote 4-H, and volunteer in the community.

Junior Superintendent - Youth ages 13-19 (as of the previous September 1) assist at the fair and train to became superintendents in the future. Applications are due April 15 and must be submitted online.

Advisory Committee Member - Youth of any age are invited to regularly attend our Advisory Committee meetings. Most committees offer voting rights to youth members.

Clackamas County 4-H Association Board - The Board of Directors has annual vacancies for 3 or 4 youth members who are in 9th-12th grade. The Board oversees the entire county program and raises funds to support general programming needs. Elections take place each November at the Annual Meeting. To be placed on the ballot, contact Jan Williams by October 1.

Clackamas County Extension Advisory Council - This group gives direction and feedback to the entire county Extension program. The Council meets monthly. Youth terms are for one year. To apply, contact Mike Bondi.


State Opportunities

Experiencing Citizenship - Join more than 130 Oregon teens to practice leadership. You will find new Oregon friends, meet state decision makers, practice public speaking, and visit the state capitol. You will research a real problem facing Oregonians and use your voice to influence state agencies who want to hear from Oregon teens.

4-H W.O.R.L.D (Western Oregon Retreat for Leadership Development) - W.O.R.L.D. is a retreat planned by youth for youth. Throughout the weekend youth will gain knowledge about financial management, learn to accomplish tasks as an individual and on a team, and participate in a community service activity. The goals of the retreat are to meet new people from other counties, build confidence, develop appreciation for community service, and gain skills to help with your future.. You can be guaranteed a worthwhile and memorable experience.

2008 4-H Summer Conference delegation

Summer Conference - Youth in 7th-12th grade stay on the OSU campus for days, take worshops, and meet other 4-Hers from around the state. The Conference is held the last weekend in June.

Ambassador Training and the Statewide Ambassador Team - All youth in 9th-11th grade may apply to take the state Ambassador training held during Summer Conference. Applicants are expected to particpate in the Clackamas County Ambassador Team after training, if they are not already members. Youth in 10th and 11th grade may also indicate on their Ambassador application that they would like to be considered for the Statewide Ambassador Team. Team members are selected based on the application and an interview held during Summer Conference. The Statewide Ambassador Team promotes 4-H and speaks about their 4-H experience to donors and elected officials.

State Fair Teen Staff - High School youth are invited to assist the State 4-H Staff at the Oregon State Fair. Youth can help with any project area, and are given housing in the dorm and a meal stipend. Application and a letter from the county agent are required.

State Development Committees and Planning Committees - Development Committees (which set the statewide direction for project areas) and Planning Committees (for statewide events) accept high school youth members. Positions are also available on the Oregon Leaders' Association Executive Council and the State Fair Board of Trustees. The same application is used for all committees. Terms are usually for one year and deadlines vary.


Teen counselors for 4-H international exchange programs

  • Inbound Orientation on the OSU Campus.
  • UTREK Natural Science Camp at the Oregon Conference and Education Center in Salem
  • Inbound Departure Program on OSU Campus

The Japanese youth are ages 12-16. If you are interested, submit the application and required reference by June 15.


National Opportunities

National 4-H Congress - The highest honor a 4-H member can receive is to be selected to attend National 4-H Congress. Oregon sends a select delegation of youth to this week-long event in Atlanta, Georgia. Application guidelines are specific. Clackamas County members must submit a record book in the fall and be selected to apply in the spring.

2010 Oregon delegation to National 4-H Congress

National 4-H Conference - High school 4-H members from across the country gather in Washington, DC each spring this leadership event. Oregon sends a small delegation of youth who get to tour DC, learn how to make a difference in their community, and meet national leaders.


Scholarships and Awards

The following scholarships and awards applications are due in the county office  February 21, 2017 no later than 4:30 pm. Clackamas County Awards Committee will review, approve and then forward them to the state office before the state deadline.


  • State Awards for Communication, Citizenship, and Leadership -  One award will be given to an Intermediate and one to a Senior 4-H member. Intermediate and Senior members were nominated to apply based on their record books. The application includes relevant pages of the 4-H Resume and other pieces. One county winner for each award will be selected and forwarded to the state office.
  • Excellence in Teamwork - This award goes to a team of two or more members who did a project during the last year that had a positive impact on their community. A description and photos of the project are required. One county winner will be selected and forwarded to the state office.
  • College Scholarships - High school seniors are invited to apply for state 4-H scholarships. Read the information on the state 4-H website carefully. There are two categories of scholarships: State and Fair, and they have different criteria and applications. Also, some scholarships are for attendance at OSU. Transcripts and copies of SAT or ACT scores are required. The 4-H Resume and a 4-H Story are required.