Tim DeLano

Tim DeLano

Extension Faculty-Forestry

Time DeLano is a Community Outreach Educator, working in partnership with Forests Forever, Incorporated- he is stationed at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest, near Oregon City. DeLano has served in this capacity since March 2003. Previously, he was stationed in the Clackamas County Extension Office from 1993-1995, as a Regional Coordinator, training teachers for the Oregon Forestry Education Program.

"This is a dream job for me. I combine my teaching and interpretation skills with my experience and knowledge of forestry. I enjoy both, my office in the forest and being active in the local schools and business community."

DeLano's responsibility is for the day to day, on-site operations, and management of youth and community programs at Hopkins Demonstration Forest. He is also responsible for creating partnerships and visibility in the community, and for recruiting volunteers for projects at the Hopkins forest. DeLano writes a newsletter and maintains a website about Hopkins Demonstration Forest, in partnership with Forests Forever.

Extension Forestry programs for youth and the community has increased significantly during the past 5 years at Hopkins Demonstration Forest. Examples of DeLano's efforts are highlighted here:

Delivered more than 400 educational programs, classes, demonstrations and tours for teachers and students, family forest owners and the community.

Initiated monthly volunteer opportunities-Community Forestry Days now bring volunteers to Hopkins on the second Saturday each month, where more than 2,000 volunteers shared their skills, and learned by doing, since 2003.

Delivered youth programs for schools, 4-H clubs, Scouts and "camps" serving 3,000 young people with tours, career exploration and vocational experiences, and forest science education.

Coordinated half-dozen community events held at Hopkins Demonstration Forest, attracting new audiences to the forest and forestry education.

Produced copy and images for exhibits, brochures, a newletter and website related to Hopkins Demonstration Forest.

Developed successful partnerships with local public agencies, educational instuitutions, not-for-profit organizations, and private businesses to support operations and funding of programs at Hopkins Demonstration Forest.

Promoted Extension programs and volunteer opportunities in person to more than 13,000 people at a variety of events in the community.


DeLano is a native-Portlander going back four generations. Childhood activities with his family and Scouts included camping and other outdoor activities. Tim's interest in trees and forests often had him daydreaming out the classroom window at the woods behind his elementary school. Following high school, DeLano attended Mount Hood Community College, where he earned an Associates Degree in Forest Technology.

DeLano moved from Oregon to work as a wilderness ranger and fire fighter in Arizona and Nevada, followed by several years as an interpreter with the US Forest Service at Mount Saint Helens, Oregon Dunes, and Blue Mountain Crossing of the Oregon Trail near LaGrande, Oregon. Along the way, DeLano paused to earn his Bachelor's Degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington; and a Master's in Teacher Education from Eastern Oregon University. His major project focused on the responses of small businesses to the American's With Disabilities Act of 1990.