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B-Better: Caregiver Guide to Preventing dependent’s Falls

Are you a caregiver for a friend or family member who depends on your care and assistance to remain living in her or his own home? Are you a caregiver for a spouse or loved one who lives with you?

Pew Research Center (2013) reports the 39% of U.S. adults provide care for a loved one and many navigate care with the help of technology. Caregivers are reported to be “online health information consumers” who are more likely than non-caregivers to go online to look for health information.

B-Better: Caregiver Guide to Preventing Dependent’s Falls is a FREE online course available through Oregon State University’s - Professional and Continuing Education. The course is designed for anyone who provides in-home care to a more dependent adult; or anyone looking to learn how to help her or himself or older adults reduce their risk of slips, trips and unexpected falls at home.  The B-Better Online Module is divided into four sections that you can complete at your own pace. The course is available at: B Better: Caregiver Guide to Preventing Dependent's Falls.


OSU’s Better Bones & Balance® program DVDs were produced to expand the availability of no/low cost falls prevention and balance training programs for older adults in Clackamas County communities. DVDs are available to adult and community centers, residential communities, and community organizations serving Clackamas County residents. Please contact deborah.john@oregonstate.edu for a DVD request form.

This project was funded by Clackamas County 2013 HEAL Community Grant award to OSU Extension Family & Community Health program in Clackamas County, a key partner in engAGE in Community for Age-Friendly Clackamas County.


Healthy People and Habits

Wellness Ink  - newsletter featuring health & wellness tips from Coos/Curry County FCH faculty. The November edition is on pumpkins.

REFLECTIONS - newsletter from Tillamook and Clatsop counties. This edition has several articles

The Master Food Preserver newsletter, Sweet Preservation, is published three times per year. The focus of this newsletter is the promotion of safe and approved food preservation techniques and recipes.



NIH study finds leisure-time physical activity extends life expectancy as much as 4.5 years


Man adjusts a woman's helmet strap as they prepare for a bicycle ride.


Preventing Obesity in High Risk Families

Article posted on Agriculture is America explains the role of Land-Grant Universities in new research and Extension programs to more effectively address obesity. Click here for online story or download pdf for printing.


Preventing Obesity Among Children - What Families Can Do

All kids deserve to experience the positive health benefits of daily physical activity and healthy eating, and have those opportunities available to them. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture and National Institutes of Health have programs and resources to help children and parents, like We Can!! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition)®. OSU Extension Family and Community Health http://extension.oregonstate.edu/fch/ can help children and parents develop healthy habits to address childhood obesity.


Mastery of Aging Well...

OSU now offers an online program for healthy living

Mastery of Aging Well, developed in partnership with AARP, is a program for anyone interested in healthy aging. The program can be accessed in three ways, including: an online interactive course, a series of online modules, and a DVD learning package. Find out more about Mastery of Aging Well.


Nutrition Education Program…

Kelly Streit, MS RD is the Food and Nutrition Instructor for the Family and Community Health program in Clackamas County.  Since January 2011, Kelly with her team of educational staff and trained volunteers offer nutrition education programs in Clackamas County schools, low-income housing, Oregon Food Bank sites, farmers markets and for various non-profit partners.  A major theme of the food and nutrition programming in Clackamas County is providing nutrition education to low-income families. We also offer learning experiences through our volunteer programs.


Better Bones, Better Balance…

This program is aimed at improving strength and balance to reduce the risk of falls and related fractures among independent older adults.

Healthy Families and Homes

Family Food Educators and Master Food Preserver volunteers support healthy families and homes…

Our Family Food Educators and Master Food Preservers are out and about in Clackamas County providing safe, research-based food preservation information, staffing the OSU Master Food Preserver volunteer booths at Farmers Markets, and assisting with food preservation and food resource management offered through the Clackamas County Extension Service. Class listings will be posted soon.


Are you interested in the latest food recalls

The US Food and Drug Administration keeps you informed of potentially unsafe foods. You may also contact us with your food safety or home canning questions.


 Plot-to-Plate is an experiental education program designed to increase community participants' access to healthy food and active lifestyle through community gardens and using a mobile kitchen.


Healthy Schools and Worksites

OSU Extension Family and Community Health (FCH) program can help schools, worksites and communities develop healthy environments to prevent obesity among children, families, and workers. Read more here http://extension.oregonstate.edu/news/release/2011/01/osu-receives-5-million-study-rural-obesity-children. Contact Clackamas Extension Family & Community Health – GROW Healthy Kids and Communities staff for a Healthy Eating Active Living program in your school, worksite, or community.


GREEN Corps Fresh Start...this program is bringing at-risk youth and young adults a "fresh start". Youth and volunteers manage a vegetable garden and market the produce at the Oregon City Farmers Market.



HEAL Community Grant Partners…

Milwaukie High School - healthier school, healthier school store…

The goal of the MHS Healthy School Healthy Store initiative is to increase access to healthy foods during the school day and encourage healthful eating behaviors among students and staff. To meet this goal, MHS has partnered with OSU Extension Family and Community Health program to provide food and nutrition education within a variety of educational settings, including our real-world learning high school deli, school store, and catering programs. In these programs, students have the opportunities to operate real businesses, learning career and healthy lifestyle skills vital to the work place. 

Healthy Communities

 Promoting Age-Friendly Livable Communities…

Read how smaller cities and rural places are using transit and mobility investments to strengthen their economies and communities HERE.


engAGE in Community is a campus-community health partnership between Clackamas County Social Services, Extension Family and Community Health, and AARP Oregon to create ‘Age-Friendly’ Clackamas County, a livable place for people of all ages! engAGE in Community seeks to affect community change by exploring aging issues and listening to local people, and by engaging residents and decision-makers in efforts to increase and improve community resources and capacity and support people’s ability to live, thrive, and age in their place of choice.


MAPPS - Mapping Assets using Participatory Photographic Surveys

County residents from Hoodland, Canby, Wilsonville, Oregon City, Damascus, and North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District communities engaged in local MAPPS projects to identify attributes of their community’s physical, social, and service environments, defined according to the World Health Organization‘s model of age-friendly communities, that support or hinder the ability of all residents to age in place. Read the community MAPPS reports… 

engAGE in Community Expo 2012. View community MAPPS reports for Hoodland, Canby, Wilsonville, Oregon City, Damascus, and NCPRD here!


Clackamas County Residents - please take this survey about YOUR community!

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