HEARTH - Home Economics, Arts, Horticulture

HEARTH Advisory Meetings

The HEARTH Advisory is responsible for the 4-H Exhibit Hall activities and projects - SpringFest, Big FUN Food Day, workshops, fair, etc. HEARTH leader meetings are the 3rd Mondays of most months, 7:00 pm at the Extension office. All home economics, expressive arts, horticulture, and clover buds (adventures) leaders and parents are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings. Please help the youth involved in the HEARTH projects and become involved with this Advisory. We need YOU to make it happen!

HEARTH Leadership

Chair/4-H Hall Overall Superintendent - Mel Jeffrey
Secretary/Fashion Revue Superintendent - Karen Jeffrey-Markowski
Expressive Arts Superintendent - Loyal Hjelmervik
Fiber Arts, Knitting, Crochet, Desigining Spaces Superintendent - Ann-Marie Pegnone
Cothing & Textiles Superintendent - Becky Waverly
Photography, Videography, Creative Writing Superintendent - Laura Jeffrey
Natural Science, STEM, Educational Displays Superintendent - Kathy Weidemann
Presentations, Foods Contest Superintendent - Susan Simpson
Foods & Nutrition Superintendent - Karey Gibson
Horticulture Superintendent - Janet Jordan

HEARTH Advisory Minutes:

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HEARTH requirements for Fair eligibility

The HEARTH committee adult/leader and youth requirements, including support to the program and attendance at meetings and training, must be met in order for youth to be eligible to participate in the 2017 County Fair. All adult and youth participation will be tracked through the year in order to verify a member’s eligibility to exhibit at County Fair.


  • HEARTH Advanced Skills Workshops - March 3 & 10, 2018  Designed for intermediate and senior members to promote advancing skills in photography, horticulture, sewing, science,  and healthy living projects.
  • HEARTH Bake Sale (fundraiser) - March 17 and October 20, 2018

  • Ready, Set, Exhibit! workshops - April 21, 2018  This event is intended for Cloverbuds and Juniors, offering introductory and beginning level HEARTH projects, including: photography, art, sewing, cooking, natural science, leathercraft and horticulture. 

  • SpringFest Open House - (May 19, 2018) Focus is on ALL 4-H member information and prep for County Fair, including:Foods & Food Preservation, Sewing, Fashion Revue, Horticulture, Photography, Art, Home Environment, Knitting, Crochet, Science, Presentations, Educational Displays, FCS Challenge, and so much more! County Foods contests that are open to all are the Great American Cookie & Muffin Contest and Food For Fun. NEW this year is a Smoothie Contest!

Fair Resources

Family & Consumer Science- State 4-H FairbookContest Materials  

  • 2018 Fashion Revue Challenge-“Old is New Again.” Your mission, should you accept it, is to find a used garment(s) at the second-hand store or in a relative’s closet (with permission) and remake that garment into something new and different. You will be asked to include a photo of the original garment(s) along with a photo of the resulting garment. This is a chance for your creativity to shine! To get those creative juices going, here are some examples: Ties repurposed into a skirt, Dad’s shirt recreated into an apron, T-shirts reborn as a jacket… so many ideas, so little time! So get those ideas formulating, get the shears and sewing machine out, and join the 2018 Fashion Revue Challenge! 
  • Family Consumer Science (FCS) Challenge -  Participating members can show their Foods, Sewing and Interior Design knowledge as they compete in the Skill-A-Thon, Quiz Bowl, and/or Consumer Decision Making contests.  Top contestants can qualify for the National FCS Classic held in Denver, Colorado!  Start studying now for the FCS Challenge! Check out this year’s topics and study guides to help you prepare. Practice contest will be at the SpringFest Open House.

Communications- State 4-H FairbookContest Materials 

Recycle Reuse

Expressive Arts- State 4-H FairbookContest Materials  

Horticulture- State 4-H FairbookContest Materials      

Natural Science- State 4-H FairbookContest Materials    
Science, Engineering, Technology- State 4-H FairbookContest Materials      
Contests - State Fairbook , Contest Materials