Family Farm Forest Owner Sources of Assistance

Christmas Tree Contractors
Licensed Christmas tree contractors providing tree planting, pesticide application, tree shearing and culturing, and harvesting labor services.


Forestry Consultants
Professional forestry consultants providing timber inventory and appraisal, management planning, logging supervision, log marketing, and reforestation assistance.


Log Buyers
Oregon Forest Industry Directory, put together by Scott Leavengood OSU Wood Science & Engineering 


Management Planning Assistance
Where to go for help developing a management plan for your property.


Mapping and Surveying
Where to go for mapping resources, plat maps, deeds, surveys, and aerial photography.


Pesticide Consultants, Dealers and Equipment
Where to go for pesticide products and technical assistance.


Portable Sawmills
Band and circular portable sawmillers providing custom cutting of lumber, beams and automated firewood production.


Registered Surveyors
List of registered surveyors serving the Portland metro area.


Seedling Nurseries
Tree seedling nurseries producing reforestation and Christmas tree stock.


Small Job Loggers

This is a list of loggers who are willing to do small logging jobs.


Stewardship Foresters

This is a list of county contacts with the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Tax Consultants

Income tax assistance by local CPAs, licensed tax consultants.