Christmas Tree Disease Workshop Brings in the Best!

Christmas Tree Disease Workshop Brings in the Best!

Gary Chastagner, Washington State University's Christmas Tree Extension Specialist and one of the leading pathologists for this crop in the world, was a featured presenter at the recent Christmas Tree Disease Management Workshop in Clackamas County, May 27, 2009. The all day event, attended by 25 growers, provided a full day of instruction by Gary on disease diagnosis, life history and control. One half of the session was classroom and the other half in the field.

The workshop was organized by the Oregon State University Extension Service and held at OSU's North Willamette Research and Extension Center near Aurora. Support for the workshop was provided by the Preston Forestry Research fund, a gift to OSU to support pest management research and education.

Class Handouts:

  • Root Rot & Cankers
  • Needle Diseases 
  • Contact the Clackamas County Extension office if you would like a CD with the handouts mailed to you. 




Gary Chastagner

Gary Chastagner quizzing the workshop attendees at the end of the morning session to see how well they could identify tree health problems.          





Phytophthora root rot in Christmas trees

Phytophthora root rot was examined in depth at one of the workshop field sites. Growers were encouraged to carefully identify which root disease may be causing damage in their fields since there are more than one possible problems and treatments will be very different.