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Clackamas County 4-H Family Newsletter

The 4-H Family Newsletter is published quarterly for 4-H volunteers, families, and members in Clackamas County. Please share with others in your home.  We send one copy by mail and/or e-mail to each household enrolled in 4-H. Please let us know if your address or e-mail changes. Submit articles for the newsletter through the Extension agent.

July-September 2015

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Clover Comments: 4-H news by e-mail

It seems like our office is constantly getting new information that we really want to share with you! We are now compiling most of these announcements and opportunities into the Clover Comments, a new e-letter that we send out as we have need. You can expect to see about one of these each month. We are also posting it here if you want to check a back issue. If you have not already supplied us with an e-mail address and you want to get on our list, contact Kelly. If you don't have e-mail, don't worry - the most important information will still be in the 4-H Family Newsletter or in the mail.

Clover Comments 7/31/2015


Clover Comments 7/6/2015

Clover Comments 6/8/2015

Clover Comments 5/22/2015

Clover Comments 4/15/2015

Clover Comments 4/3/2015

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