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Family Food Educator Volunteers

Formerly called the Master Food Preserver Volunteer Program, OSU changed the name and format to Family Food Education Program, which now emphasizes general nutrition, food safety and food resource management as well as food preservation.

Volunteers completing the program are expected to complete 48 hours of volunteer service in the community, sharing their new skills and information with others.
Besides staffing farmers' market booths, they also teach food preservation classes, work with Oregon Food Banks to increase health and safety, and deliver programing to the Clackamas County communities.

SNAP-Ed Volunteers

Volunteers with the SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education and Food Planning program help deliver educational programs and food tastings alongside our trained and experienced SNAP-Ed staff and FFE Volunteers. This is a great first step if you are interested in becoming an FFE volunteer, but don't have the time to jump in yet!

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***If you would like to get involved in any of our Extension volunteer programs, contact the Extension office at 503-655-8634***


Resources for Volunteers:

Home Preservation Resources

The Presto Company provides important information on the basic of home pressure canning.

Lost your Presto manual? Check the list of manuals available to download.

Learn the difference between boiling water bath canning and pressure canning from Clemson University in South Carolina.

The proper care and maintenance of your pressure canner is important. Learn more

Visit the University of Georgia website for more food preservation information and recipes.