Family and Community Educators (FCE)

Organized to strengthen individuals and families through leadership development and community service, the Clackamas County Chapter has about 100 members who continue their adult education by studying a variety of topics at their monthly meetings and volunteering in their communities.

Each year, OSU develops two or three lessons with materials for teachers and participants on topics of community importance. FCE groups deliver community education through a "train-the-trainer" model

FCH Faculty Developed FCE Lessons 

Schedule for Classes - Clackamas and Washington Counties

Lessons include:

Importance of Immunizations - What is a vaccine? What are some common vaccines you know of or have received? Why are vaccines important? We will learn the importance of being immunized against certain diseases

How to Talk to Your Doctor Your relationship with your doctor should be a partnership — where you and your doctor work together to make the best possible decisions about your health care. Come for tips on how to effectively communicate with your doctor to get the most out of the visit.

Get the Most from your Food Dollar -  This lesson focuses on saving money at the grocery store. We will talk about making a food plan, adopting cost-saving shopping strategies, and healthy ways to save money with economical food preparation techniques. 

These classes are made especially for Oregon Family and Community Education.  Call our office to find out how to join your neighborhood chapter! (503) 655-8631.

The Chapter is affiliated with the Oregon Family and Community Education organization, the National FCE, and the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).

Once known as Extension Homemakers, read the history of this program's early years, how it grew during World War I, and how it flourished during the Great Depression, and continues today.