Healthy Communities


Extension can help you with many home and family topics. Here are some of the best resources from Oregon and around the country.

Looking to sell local food in Oregon? Read this small farm guide.

Emergency Preparedness
Be prepared, respond appropriately, and have a plan for recovery.


Household Tips
Information on many topics from appliances to wood flooring.


Stain Removal
Stain removal details from Idaho State University.


Information about moisture and mold control in homes and buildings and details on programs available through the OSU Extension Service.


Soap and Detergent Association
Details on laundry, handwashing, household cleaning, dishwashing, and even a kids' corner.


OSU Extension Service resources to help strengthen families and parenting.


Parenting Education Resources
Information from the University of Minnesota Extension Service.


OSU Aging Resources and Publications
Resource materials and educational programs for individuals, caregivers, and professionals.


Children's Health and Wellness
OSU Extension Service online resources for children.


Well Water
OSU Extension Service collection of materials about wells and water quality.


U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission
Find out the latest recall and safety information on hundreds of products including toys.

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