Christmas Tree Publications

Fertilizing Christmas Trees

Are you unsure what fertilizer Christmas trees should have, how to determine nutrient levels, or decide whether fertilizing is feasible for your property? Then the publication listed below might answer you questions. Available only online. You might want to print your own copy for handy references.

EM 8856-E Christmas Tree Nutrient Management Guide for Western Oregon and Washington



Not all are new but they're still excellent:


1. MISC 0186 Christmas Tree Diseases, Insects, & Disorders in the Pacific Northwest


An expensive manual but worth the cost for the excellent color pictures and management suggestions of many insects and diseases affecting Christmas trees.


2. PNW 6 Growing Christmas Trees in the Pacific North


Revised and expanded, this is a comprehesive look at the Christmas tree industry from site prep to harvesting and income taxes. Every potential grower shoul begin with this.


3 . EC 1563 Invasive Weed Identification and Management


This publication offers good color pictures and control methods for many of the Pacific Northwest's least wanted weeds.


All the above are available at the Extension office or by ordering from the OSU publications office. Many other publications are available. Browse the OSU website or call the Extension office to request a publictions catalog.


4. A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Christmas Trees $0.25

Photocopies of Mike Bondi's PowerPoint presentation, these tips will get you thinking about marketing your trees before the year of sale. Available at the Clackamas Extension office only.


5. So You Want to Run a Christmas Tree Lot! $2.00

Have you ever thought about setting up a lot to sell Christmas trees? This is the booklet for you! Written by Jim and Pat Wolf about 13 years ago and updated recently by Master Woodland Manger and tree farmer Merrily Enquist, this booklet will tell you the nuts and bolts of extablishing a Christmas tree lot- everything from finding a site to clean-up. Available at the Clackams County Extension office only.




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