Clatsop County 4-H Events

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Below is a list of the 4-H events sponsored by the Clatsop County 4-H Youth Development Program. We are a very busy county! Oregon State 4-H also has many opportunities and events available. 

  • 4-H Awards & Recognition

4-H Recognition Ceremony  |  Awards & Recognition Guidelines  Awards Application

  • After School Classes

After School Cooking Class  |  After School Cooking (Spanish)


  • Dog

Spring Dog Seminar  |  Dog R.A.C.E.

  • Economics/Business Entrepreneurship

Young Entrepreneurs Club  |  Young Entrepreneur & Biz Kidz Paperwork

  • Expressive Arts

Fashion Revue  |  Photography Workshop  |  Sewing Classes  |  Spring Into Arts  |  Weaving Classes

  • Fundraisers & Food Drives

Bingo Night  |  4-H Food Drive

  • Home Ec

Home Ec Skills & Judging Contests

  • Horse

Horse Declaration  |  Spring Horse Classic

  • Livestock

Beef Weigh-in  |  Dairy Tour  |  Livestock Field Day  |  OSU Animal Science Tour  |  Spring Weigh-in

  • Presentations

Presentations  |  Presentation Guide 

  • Small Animal

Poultry Workshop  |  Small Animal Round Up Show

  • Super Saturday

Super Saturday  (schedule of events)



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