Earthquake & Tsunami Preparedness

Image of Honshu before 2011 Earthquake Tsunami
Before Picture Of Honshu Japan Earthquake & Tsunami March 2011
Image of Honshu after 2011 Earthquake Tsunami
After Picture of Honshu Japan Earthquake & Tsunami March 2011

Tsunami Hazard Zone

Oregon experiences regular (in geologic time) mega thrust earthquakes and large "local" tsunamis. Oregon also receives "distant" tsunamis from earthquakes elsewhere on the Pacific Rim. Distant tsunamis pale in comparision in terms of danger and impact.

Oregonians need to prepare for both types of tsunamis.

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The Three Things You Need to Know 



Living On Shaky Ground - How to Survive Earthquakes & Tsunamis in Oregon 

quake road

Tsunami Preparedness for Mariners   



Tsunami Evacuation Maps by City

Tsunami Hazard Maps Including Rural Areas

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Washington Tsunami Evacuation Maps

California Tsunami Inundation Maps  Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

Tsunami Preparedness along the U.S. West Coast (Video) 

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Tsunamis Preparacion

Sientiendo Los Tsunamis

Reglas De Seguridad

Tsunamis Seguridad Para Navegantes

 Amazing Footage of Japanese Tsunami March 2011



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