Clatsop County Master Gardener Association

The Clatsop County Master Gardener Association (CCMGA) is part of the Oregon Master Gardener Association, a state-wide non-profit organization. Anyone who has completed the Master Gardener training program and who wishes to join is encouraged to participate.

Clatsop Co. Master Gardeners coordinate many projects and events.

Application for the 2015 CCMGA Scholarship

Clatsop Co. Master Gardener Association Board

President: Pam Holen

Vice President: Von Whitney

Secretary: Roberta Meuhlberg

Treasurer: Susan Widawski

Co-Historians: Randy Pappas & Nancy Collier

State Rep: Barbara Hassan

Alt. State Rep: Karen Burke



Recertifying Master Gardeners

  • Recertification Packet:  We invite Master Gardener graduates to recertify, the 2015 Recertification Packet contains information you will need to recertify for the upcoming year.    The 2015 packets are also available at the Extension Office.






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