Fisheries-Wildlife Interactions

Oregon Whale Entanglement Working Group

Amanda Gladics the convener and primary facilitator for the Oregon Whale Entanglement Working Group. She is working with two Oregon Sea Grant colleagues on this project. Kaety Jacobson, serves as a co-facilitator, and Leigh Torres, contributes marine mammal expertise. The primary goal of the working group is to develop short- and long-term options for reducing the risk of whale entanglements in Dungeness crab and other fixed gear to ensure thriving and resilient fisheries in Oregon and along the entire West Coast. For more information click here.

Seabird Bycatch Prevention Research

Unintended catch of albatrosses and other seabirds is a conservation challenge in longline fisheries around the world, and right here at home on the Oregon Coast. Prior to joining Oregon Sea Grant in 2016, Amanda Gladics worked closely with research collaborators at Washington Sea Grant, Oregon State University, NOAA Fisheries and members of the U.S. West Coast sablefish fishery to develop strategies to reduce albatross and other seabird bycatch. For more information and related work, see the links below.

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Fishery-specific solutions to seabird bycatch in the U.S. West Coast sablefish fishery