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4-H Summer Camp

Registration is now open for Columbia County's 2016 4-H Summer Camp!

The Extension Service is here to serve the residents of Columbia County, providing knowledge from universities nationwide. We provide research-based information to families, youths, schools, agricultural producers, home gardeners, foresters and governments.

Our office offers a variety of programs, which include 4-H Youth Development, Home Gardening, Agriculture and Small Farms, Family and Community Health, Forestry & Natural Resources and Master Gardeners.


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News Items:

Summer Camp for Youth June 19-22: ENROLL NOW, it fills up quickly!

Why 4-H Summer Camp?

4-H Summer Camp is a tradition in Columbia County. Beyond tradition, there are more reasons for youth to attend Summer Camp.

Research indicates that “camp provides an experience for youth to grow socially, to develop important life skills, try new activities, and experience nature, all in a fun, hands-on setting.”*

Campers were asked “What they liked best about our 4-H Camp” they said: “The make-up skit and flag ceremony” ~ “The food and the other campers” ~ “Frisbee, kickball and swimming” ~ “I liked archery the best” ~ “Canoeing” these all match the finding with camp research.**

Many of today’s youth spend the large portion of their time indoors. Camp allows youth to be outside and away from their “normal routine.” At the end of camp, campers reported that camp “helped them to feel good about themselves, learn new things, to make friends, and to respect others who may be different from themselves. Perhaps most importantly, the natural setting of camp allowed campers to enjoy learning about the natural world.” *

When we ask our campers “what they would tell a friend?” They said: its fun and a great place to go ~ you can canoe and shoot arrows ~ its lots of fun, but to bring bug spray ~ it’s pretty chill and the food is great. **

Important aspects of 4-H camp include the opportunity to develop appreciation of the outdoors, experience being away from home, making new friends, and developing independence.*

The trained volunteers who serve on the 2016 4-H Summer Camp Committee continue to work to provide a program for the 2016 4-H Summer Camp that includes: Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity, the 4-H Essential Elements. In doing so, we know that 4-H Summer Camp can be and is a fun learning experience for the campers and staff.

Make plans to register your 4th through 7th grader in this year 4-H Summer Camp - deadline is May 13th - but it fills up fast - don't wait! Camp is held in Warrenton OR at Camp Kiwanilong, you must provide your own transportation. The cost is $95.00.

* Oregon 4-H Summer Camps Statewide Camp Evaluation 2011, Mary E. Arnold, Ph.D., Courtney Archibeque,

** Columbia County 4-H Summer Camp Survey 2015, Woody Davis,


Healthy Recipes and Ideas:

Please visit Food Hero to find quick, tasty, and healthy recipes for your family!

Family meal times can be challenging. Many parents feel like they have limited time and resources to make a family friendly meal at home. In Columbia County and around the state, Extension Educators are challenging students to focus on nutritious mealtimes through monthly Food Hero lessons where they get to sample new foods and prepare Food Hero recipes.  Students wash produce, practice knife safety, sample a variety of healthy foods, all while learning about MyPlate. After each lesson, students take the recipe home to share with their families, as well as give feedback on how they liked the recipe.  Schools that participate in this nutrition education partnership also receive monthly newsletters, physical activity support in the classroom, and food tasting in the cafeterias. Columbia County students and families love being Food Heroes. To learn more about our Food Hero Kids in Columbia County contact Nutrition Education Program Assistant Claire Catt, by email, or at (503) 397-3462.










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We offer classes, workshops, opportunities for youth and adult volunteer activities:

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Nutrition education events

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