4-H Summer Camp

This is an overnight (four day, three night) camp usually held in June. There is a fee and it includes food, lodging, crafts, T-shirt, and insurance. This popular event offers the camper an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while learning about themselves and others.

Children in 4-7 grades are eligible to attend (grades as of January 1 of the current year).

Members in grades 9-12 may apply to be a camp counselor.

The program is planned and conducted almost entirely by the dedicated Camp Committee and many volunteers. The program typically consists of crafts, archery, nature hikes, wildlife programs, group games and campfires. The camp has a nurse on duty at all times and trained adults to help supervise activities. To become a 4-H Camp Counselor see "Leadership Opportunities."

4-H Summer Camp Core Values          

Camper Focused:

Trained counselors and staff work to create a positive camp experience for each camper. We select those that are passionate about resident camp programs and have the energy and excitement to invest in the campers.

Support New Adventures:

Campers are empowered to try and experience new things, meet new friends and leave having experienced camp to its fullest. This leads to positive growth and personal development of the camper. For most adventures, campers are allowed to: Do ~ Reflect ~ Apply. Though not everything will become a life passion or habit. This does allow campers to learn by doing.

Safety Conscious:

Safety is at the top of the list! We ensure both physical and emotional safety for our campers and staff through the way we train for and operate our camp on a daily basis. 

Environmentally Aware:

At camp we live, work and play in the natural world. We model the practices that foster a positive respect for the environment we live and play in. As well as work to instill in our campers this same level of respect for their environment.

Fun Enriched:  

Camp is designed for campers to have fun in a safe and supported atmosphere. Through planning, enthusiasm and positive attitude at camp, fun is a natural outcome. Trained counselors and staff work to create fun through a variety of activities and educational programs.

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