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2018 Newsletters

May 2018 (why OSU tomatoes do well in cool AND hot weather, new slug bait options, how to acidify soil for blueberries, compost for raised beds, vinegar as an herbicide, regarding lettuce, weed of the month: bedstraw, weeds in vegetable crops, grazing thoughts from the field.) Mobile Friendly. 

April 2018 (berries for your garden, alternate bearing apples, why won't my plant bloom? those clever brassicas, weasel words, deer repellents, weeds of the month: garlic mustard and gorse, caring for newborn livestock, renting pasture, over-seeding legumes in pasture, conducting farm experiments, does it pay to fertilize in May?) Mobile Friendly.

March 2018 (starting vegetables, planting & harvest calendar, damaged lawns, rat control options, stream temps, logging & fish, bring on the beavers, livestock: learning growth curve, when to turn out to pasture & sprouting grain, and FSA loans.) Mobile Friendly

February 2018 (row covers available for sale, grafting workshop Feb. 10th, why do we graft apples?, spring frost date planning, rats in town and country, OSU small farms conference Feb. 24th, ancient cheesemaking, grass tetany time approaching, speaking of pregnant animals..., pasture choices, upcoming canning class & plant sale in March.) Mobile Friendly

January 2018 (thinking of spring: all about seeds, hot beds & cold frames, tray cell size for transplanting, in the "mind" of plants, old growth forests & birds, insect spotlight: carrion beetles, food safety training events, soggy winter pastures, room still available in the 2018 OSU Master Gardener class - register online.) Mobile Friendly

2017 Newsletters

December 2017 (gardener wish list, winter garden & lawn care, grapes for cooler climates, LED lights for greenhouses, the wild side: newts and Columbia River basin salmon, farm and livestock: what do we eat now?, winter stress on ruminants, there is still room in the 2018 OSU Master Gardener class - held in St. Helens - registration available online.) Mobile Friendly

November 2017 (slug chronicles, rye grain vs. annual rye grass as a cover crop, moles and voles, cedar flagging, when trees age, bare ground for bees, plants attractive to bees, cribbing horses, gentle starts at birth, winter barn complications, bunk space, was my animal poisoned?, salt needs of livestock, keeping silt and manure out of ditches and streams, organic canada thistle control, 2018 OSU Master Gardener class to be held in St. Helens - registration is now available online.) Mobile Friendly

October 2017 (when will the frost arrive, storing garden produce, planting for slope stability, fall weeds, poison oak myths, moisture stress and scrub oaks, caffeine evolved independently in many plants, vegetable transplant technology, antibotic resistance and animal care, soil sampling and phosphorus, keep off the grass, how much do they eat, 2018 OSU Master Gardener class will be held in St. Helens). Mobile Friendly

September 2017 (food preservation information, winter mulch or cover crop, manure in the garden, bronze birch borer, slugs hiding, ticks aren't hiding (now), new publication, several new publications of note, fertilizing fall pastures, fall tansy control, lower critical temperatures, annual small farms school, canning information/publications) Mobile Friendly

August 2017 (bitter cucumbers, japanese beetle update, harvesting potatoes, plan to transplant this fall, late blight, tansy ragwort, livestock at large and pasture rental, summer food preservation classes) Mobile Friendly

July 2017 (garden toipics, blossom end rot of tomatoes, manure and gardens, Canada thistle, insects and birds, moles aren't easy to love, mole management, carrying capacity and stocking rate, remember last winter's mud, farm complexity and farm conflicts, summer food preservation classes held in St. Helens, Benny Beaver set to entertain at 2017 County Fair) Mobile Friendly

June 2017 (weed management & ID class in St. Helens, weather improves and so do gardeners' attitudes, yellow jacket and hornet update, a mouse (or more) in the house, native plant of the month: cow parsnip, good herd health = happy owner, winter nutrition and good feeding areas, vaccinations & a veterinary working area, internal parasite ("worms" and others), matching pasture resources to herd size, hatching small number of eggs) Mobile Friendly

May 2017 (heat on the way, soil temperature conditions for vegetable seed germination, days to appearance of seedlings at various soil temperatrues from seed planted at 1/2 depth, heirlooms & hybrids & GEs, oh my, root-bound transplants, confusing woody, now is the time....) Mobile Friendly

April 2017 (garden topics, do box elder bugs mate indoors, deer fences and repellents, willow stakes for creek edges, plant them and they will come (perhaps), syrup from big-leaf maples, dry vegetable farming or gardening, beef and pature notes, farmers, ranchers and thin markets, transition to organic certification, Master Gardener's Spring Garden Fair-April 29th) Mobile Friendly

March 2017 (Extension in Columbia County began 100 years ago, seed starting, how large a vegetable garden, native plant of the month: wild ginger (Asarum caudatum), CRISPR-Cas9, managing livestock and pastures for better results, endophytes and livestock, planning for calves, kids and lambs, marketing produce, tree seedling sale, purning workshop) Mobile Friendly

February 2017 (hot peppers for health, looking toward spring gardens, spring frost date planning, snow pruning, box elder bugs make bad choices, hummingbird acrobatics, bats returning soon, planting new forests, native plant of the month: vanilla leaf, small farm marketing & profiitability, truly angry cattle, getting a newborn calf or lamb or kid to breathe, livestock management thoughts, warming newborn livestock, grafting workshops, County Farmers & producers invited to advertise for FREE) Mobile Friendly

January 2017 (a ripe peach - there's no better fruit, japanese beetles, native plant of the month: bitter cherry (runus emarginata), low-stress cattle handling video, high-stress cattle market, the dark days of winter, winter pests: lice and coccidia, feeding livestock in winter, cold weather and horses, horse pastures and weeds, 2017 Master Gardener classes begin February 21st in Vernonia - enroll asap!) Mobile Friendly

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