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2015 Newsletters

March 2015 (climate change and gardening, are they moles or gophers, basic gardening advice, dogwood anthracnose, living with beavers-part 2, warming chilled newborn calves, kids and lambs, livestock short takes, feeding reed canary grass, prime does pay, tree seedling sale, columbia county home and garden show w/annual pruning demo)

February 2015 (produce in winter, LED lighting for plants, world record giant pumpkin, tillage radishes, body condition scores for cows, snow loads, GMO crops in Oregon, more on chicken disease, molecular learning in tree clones, caffeine and bees, beaver believers-beaver deceivers,  grafting workshops, OSU Small Farms Conference)

January 2015 (watering blueberry bushes, winter planning for home orchard pests and disease, walnut husk fly, birds of a feather-the turkey vulture, tray cell size for early transplanting, soggy winter pastures, heat lamps in the barn, avian influenza found in Oregon, symptoms of avian flu on poultry, avian influenza biosecurity for small farm: key concepts, growing farms: successful whole farm managment workshop series)

2014 Newsletters

December 2014 (5 ways to care for your landscape in a dry spell, the value of a vegetable garden, pacific tree frogs, working with livestock safely, E. coli and the livestock industry, better hay next year, something to chew on, feeding pregnant heifers, Master Gardener classes offered in St. Helens) 10'x10' nutritious garden plan

November 2014 (brown marmorated stink bugs look to spend the winter with you, publications for evening reading, vole control in the garden, fruit flies drink to get well, deer rework forests, climate change and bird distribution, winter feeding, chickens on pasture, herding sheep, Master Gardener classes to be offered in St. Helens)

October 2014-updated (planting garlic, compost, plants and tough sites, lime, no rain=landscape stress, Asian ladybird beetles fight rough, lampreys, the web soil survey, sheep shape of things to come, larger scale farming and unintended consequences, weaning management, Master Gardener classes to be offered in St. Helens)

September 2014 (late summer topics, spots in apples, name that weed, how will invasive weeds do in a warmer climate, the hummingbirds special sweet tooth, how plants grow most efficiently, livestock feeding habits, canning information/publications, start to get your newsletters by email)

August 2014 (leaf miners of summer, plants and skin issues, sheet-mulch grasses, start preparations for lawn planting or renovation, keep picking your squash and beans, using lower quality pastures (or hay), balage and botulism, parasite resistance growing concern, some food trends, climate change and agriculture, pasture protein and climate, 3rd annual small farm school, start to get your newsletters by email)

July 2014 (the last tent caterpillar story for this year, manure and gardens, harvesting garlic, crops that don't require irrigation (and big equipment), farm storage facility loans, columbia county farmers market, cow culling and high calf prices, carbon footprint and herd efficiency, food preservation classes in Scappoose)

June 2014 (western tent caterpillar, herbicides, spotted wing drosophila season, what causes stream banks to retreat, caterpillar racket, health tip of the month, beef topics, pig biosecurity, spray drift, bird damage to bagged silage)

May 2014 (vegetables are hot, corralling moles, slug and snail notes, tomatoes that won't ripen, weed topics: weeds in commercial vegetable crops, alpaca collapse, mixed species grazing, Vernonia's 2014 Garden Fair and Plant Sale)

April 2014 (vegetable gardening tips, it's all about heat, squeeze soil before rototilling or spading, adding organic material to garden soils, blackberry varieties for Oregon, spring weed control and other topics, plan now for fall pasture seeding, other livestock chores, new publication for feeding meat chickens, procine epidemic diarrhea virus PEDv, certified tractor safety program for youth)

March 2014 (tomatillos, physiological tomato disorders, cutting "seed" potatoes, killing English ivy, cold winters make larger calves, what is the right weight for lambs, grass tetany season, feeding cows before calving, pruning workshop, tree seedling sale, homesteading in St. Helens)

February 2014-updated (row covers available again, brown marmorated stink bug, looking toward spring gardens, spring frost date planning, planting forests, big or small, elk die from eating ornamental yew, get to know your watershed council, OSU small farms conference, spring calving cow herd, what happens in the first 24 hours affects the calf for life, controlling Canada thistle in pastures, grafting workshops, homesteading in St. Helens, 2014 Master Gardener class in Vernonia)

January 2014 (grafting workshop-2/08/14, trees and ice storms, growing early cabbages, tetanus: a gardening risk, fungi unbound, plants, time and climate change, weed of the month: Purslane (Portulaca oleracea), winter feeding news, internal and external parasites, do you have lousy animals, Columbia Master Gardener classes in Vernonia)

2013 Newsletters

October 2013 (plants for pollinators article, bacterial canker on blueberries, tomato requiem, one large spider, general gardening observations, skunks in your landscape (and under your house), trees, carbon dioxide and water, weed of the month: English hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), get off the grass, coccidiosis is a problem in winter months, Master Gardener classes to be offered in Vernonia)

November 2013 (hazelnuts or filberts - can Steller's jays tell the difference, weeds of the month: ornamental plants than can become weedy, sheep topics, Master Gardener classes to be offered in Vernonia)

December 2013 (on-line food preservation course, Christmas gifts for gardeners, the November cold snap and other weather topics, plan your garden, LED lights for greenhouses, soil nitrogen status key to yields, dormant sprays, weed of the month: self-heal or heal-all (Prunella vulgaris), new publication: Shrubs to Know in Pacific Northwest Forests, OSU/Oregon master naturalist program, the hornworm and the nicotiana, Cascadia Grain conference, SAIF ag safety seminars, elk foot rot and livestock, beef seminar, let them eat weeds, cattle outlook, Master Gardener's 2014 classes offered)

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