Healthy Families Newsletters

2012 Newsletters:

Summer 2012 (introducing our new education program assistant for GROW healthy kids, June is dairy month, July is national blueberries month, healthful travel advice, children benefit from unstructured time, preparing children for summer camp, for safe home-canned foods, choose the right processing guidelines, food safety/preservation hotline, water fitness a great way to be active, seniors should jog their memory daily, summer can create challenge for food budget, 2012 summer food preservation classes.)

2011 Newsletters:

Spring 2011 (new dietary guidelines released, use spring cleaning to air out your finances, sleep is important, national turn off the tv week, follow safety rules when preparing easter eggs, learn how to brine, smoke and pickle seafood, puzzled by text lingo)

Winter 2011 (introducing our new AmeriCorps youth financial literacy educator, reducing holiday spending, ways to save on holiday travel, here's to greener holidays, a good idea for a rainy day, multi-tasking and safety for older people, secrets for making resolutions stick, those post-holiday blues, conserve energy and save money, master gardener classes to be offered)


2010 Newsletters:

Winter 2010 (cross-contamination issues with reusable shopping bags, winter squash is a great addition to fall menus, americans not meeting fruit and vegetable recommendations, master gardener classes begin, walking keeps your brain young, healthy habits help you live longer, holiday entertaining without breaking your budget, be a thoughtful giver with food items, recycling during the holiday season, implementing an exercise routine is important for a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet can help fight winter sniffles, altering receipes can be easy and healthy, ways to stay healthy during the holiday, enjoying your fireplace, a checklist to get your home ready for the holidays, shortage of volunteers)


Summer 2010 (OSU Extension service recruiting for two full time AmeriCorps positions, get ready for home canning season, planning a nutrient-rich garden, for safe home canned foods-choose the right processing, 2010 summer canning classes scheduled, new canning time recommendations from USDA, tips for safe grilling, refreshing ideas for quenching summer thirst, summer heat increases your need for fluids, summer fun, what can be done before saying "i do")


Spring 2010 (household mold, little things add up to big savings, take steps to offset soaring heating costs, 30 ways to stretch your fruit and vegetable budget, everyone benefits from family meals, food trends for 2010, make quick tasty meals with a slow cooker, dehydration affects your mood, get rid of pantry pests, disposing of unwanted pharmaceuticals)