Master Gardener Volunteer Program

As a trained Master GardenerTM volunteer, you help educate and advise other home gardeners in your community. Many people new to Columbia County as well as inexperienced gardeners are interested in obtaining local gardening advice. Our informative training program focuses on such skills as diagnosing plant and insect problems, preparing soil for planting, identifying plants, and selecting ornamentals and varieties. More importantly, your knowledge gives you the confidence to share expertise with others. Being a Master GardenerTM volunteer is fun, interesting, and rewarding. You will be joining a community of like-minded, fun people, too!

  • Become a trained, certified OSU Extension Service Master GardenerTM
  • Help home gardeners solve their plant and pest problems
  • Promote environmental responsibility through ecological garden practices including least-toxic pest control
  • Beautify the community by teaching about appropriate plants and culture for our climate
  • Work with schools and community gardens


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2017 Columbia County Master Gardener Training to be held in Vernonia starting February 21st!

To become a certified Master GardenerTM, participants must complete the application, return the packet of OSU forms, pay the fee, attend the 10 week training classes, and give back hours of volunteer service. There will be a variety of service opportunities available ranging from answering gardening questions from the public to working with schools and community groups. Anyone interested in horticulture/gardening can apply to the program. There will be a limit of 20 people this year.

To register for the training you would fill out the Columbia County Master Gardener Application, mail to our office along with the class fee. Once you have registered we will send you a packet of OSU forms to be read, signed and returned to us on before the class. These forms are required to become a Columbia County Master Gardener. For more details, please read the Information letter. Application-PDF.

The packet of OSU forms include:

  • Pest Control Recommendation Agreement
  • Master Gardener Position Description
  • Use of the Title Master Gardener
  • Master Gardener Code of Conduct
  • Personal Photo Release
  • Conditions of Volunteer Service
  • Criminal History Check Release Authorization Form

Your registration is not complete until after we have received and reviewed your application and your OSU packet.

If you have a physical disability that requires special considerations in order for you to attend the Master Gardener training, please notify Chip Bubl at 503-397-3462.


2017 MG Class Slides:


Plant Pathology




Entomology by Jean Natter


Soil Temperature Conditions for Vegetable Seed Germination


Veteran Master Gardeners:

Certification Requirements

Master Gardeners may remain actively involved as long as they wish. Recertification is required if they participate in garden clinics, but is not required to participate in Master Gardener activities. To maintain the Certified Master Gardener title each Master Gardener volunteer must complete a recertification test each year. 2017 Recertification Test-PDF; or Test-Word Document

Volunteer Log Sheet

For current Master Gardeners, please remember to turn in your Volunteer Log Sheet (PDF or Word Doc, sample).


Columbia County Master Gardener Association

Many volunteers become members of the Columbia County Master GardenerTM Association which holds monthly meetings to enhance knowledge, plan activities, and socialize.

Here are some articles/information from and for our Master Gardeners.

2017 Event Schedule for CCMG.

The Columbia County Master GardenerTM Association is part of the non-profit Oregon Master GardenerTM Association. Anyone who has completed the Master GardenerTM training program and who wishes to join is welcome.



Membership meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month September through June. Meetings are mostly held at the Columbia County Extension office. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Columbia County Master Gardener Member Directory-word document - 7/07/17 (dues paying members only-password protected).


The purpose of the Association is to:

  • Enhance and supplement the Oregon State University Home Horticulture Program (Master Gardener Program);
  • Educate Chapter Members and our local community about plant selection, culture and care;
  • Maintain and continue to build an active Columbia County Chapter of Master Gardeners; and
  • Encourage continuing education and recertification of Master Gardeners.