Home Gardening

Got gardening questions? We've got answers!


Our home gardening staff and volunteers (Master GardenersTM), in the Columbia County office can answer your questions in person, by phone, email, in educational programs and workshops, or by reading one of our great gardening publications.


Our programs are designed to help gardeners in Columbia County on topics of interest to area gardeners--such as composting and pruning. We also have Garden Calendars, a list of activities organized by month. Our website includes links to other garden-related websites. For more information check out a practical guide to growing in Oregon, our eNews newsletter, or the Gardening Encyclopedia.


Each month we put out a newsletter called Country Living.


Columbia County Master GardenerTM Program

If you enjoy gardening and want to share that enjoyment with others in your community, consider becoming an OSU Extension Service Master GardenerTM. After completing the training, you can help Extension faculty educate and advise other home gardeners throughout Columbia County.

One of our featured publications is "Grow Your Own." It is a practical guide to gardening in Oregon. It will get you ready and give you tips on what, how, and when to plant your garden. You can find it online at this link Grow your own.



WE KNOW that many of you are avid weather watchers. If you would like to help out the Oregon Climate Service, they are seeking volunteers to provide local weather data to complete a far more complete picture of weather patterns in Oregon.

Coordinated by the Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State University, the program is part of the national Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network, or CoCoRaHS. This national initiative has volunteers in every state who collect and report precipitation data, providing scientists with important data that supplements that which comes from existing weather stations.

CoCoRaHS volunteers must buy a rain gauge for about $27 plus shipping, watch a short training video, and report as frequently as possible the amount of rainfall and snowfall in their area. Interested persons should go to the CoCoRaHS website at http://www.cocorahs.org/ to sign up.