Country Living Newsletters

2014 Newsletters

January 2014 (grafting workshop-2/08/14, trees and ice storms, growing early cabbages, tetanus: a gardening risk, fungi unbound, plants, time and climate change, weed of the month: Purslane (Portulaca oleracea), winter feeding news, internal and external parasites, do you have lousy animals, Columbia Master Gardener classes in Vernonia)

February 2014-updated (row covers available again, brown marmorated stink bug, looking toward spring gardens, spring frost date planning, planting forests, big or small, elk die from eating ornamental yew, get to know your watershed council, OSU small farms conference, spring calving cow herd, what happens in the first 24 hours affects the calf for life, controlling Canada thistle in pastures, grafting workshops, homesteading in St. Helens, 2014 Master Gardener class in Vernonia)

March 2014 (tomatillos, physiological tomato disorders, cutting "seed" potatoes, killing English ivy, cold winters make larger calves, what is the right weight for lambs, grass tetany season, feeding cows before calving, pruning workshop, tree seedling sale, homesteading in St. Helens)

April 2014 (vegetable gardening tips, it's all about heat, squeeze soil before rototilling or spading, adding organic material to garden soils, blackberry varieties for Oregon, spring weed control and other topics, plan now for fall pasture seeding, other livestock chores, new publication for feeding meat chickens, procine epidemic diarrhea virus PEDv, certified tractor safety program for youth)

2013 Newsletters

May 2013 (corn chatter, crusts crush carrots (and beets, dill, etc.), summer cover crops, weed of the month: common chickweed (Sellaria media), feeding conditions affect beef gains and meat quality, adjusting horses to spring pasture, short-term calf removal and pregnancy, pastures)

June 2013 (disease causing weather returns, bacterial canker of cherries (and other stone fruits),
Clatskanie Master Gardener demonstration garden blog, spotted wing drosophilia update, random topics: codling moth, western tent caterpillars, horsetail or equisetum, the delightful chaos of our temperate rain forests, in praise of cascara, weeds of the month: barnyard weeds, where does our beef come from, crossbred cows last longer, cattle fly control, effect of body condition on beef cow reproductive performance)

July 2013 (bee death and the "Neo-nics," garden topics, trees and people, insecticidal soap, soil compaction of pastures, intensive grazing (not overstocking) improves forage, weed of the month: Hedge mustard (Sisymbrium officinale), pastured poultry, the pasture herbicide MCPA on horsetail and buttercup, vernonia canning class offered)

August 2013 (western tent caterpillar moths, spotted winged drosophila, bitter pit of apples, speaking of bitter (cucumbers), weed of the month: Chicory (Cichorium intybus), aluminum and crop growth, grafted tomatoes and high tunnels, livestock condition for winter, polioencephalomacia (PEM). 2nd annual small farm school)

September 2013 (watering roses, garden observations, things you can do, raspberry renewal, mason bee wash, hollow potatoes, weed of the month: liverwort, green horsekeeping farm tour, lower critical temperatures, PI and BVDV, 2014 Master Gardener class in Vernonia) DATE CORRECTION for Sauerkraut Festival - September 21st!

October 2013 (plants for pollinators article, bacterial canker on blueberries, tomato requiem, one large spider, general gardening observations, skunks in your landscape (and under your house), trees, carbon dioxide and water, weed of the month: English hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), get off the grass, coccidiosis is a problem in winter months, Master Gardener classes to be offered in Vernonia)

November 2013 (hazelnuts or filberts - can Steller's jays tell the difference, weeds of the month: ornamental plants than can become weedy, sheep topics, Master Gardener classes to be offered in Vernonia)

December 2013 (on-line food preservation course, Christmas gifts for gardeners, the November cold snap and other weather topics, plan your garden, LED lights for greenhouses, soil nitrogen status key to yields, dormant sprays, weed of the month: self-heal or heal-all (Prunella vulgaris), new publication: Shrubs to Know in Pacific Northwest Forests, OSU/Oregon master naturalist program, the hornworm and the nicotiana, Cascadia Grain conference, SAIF ag safety seminars, elk foot rot and livestock, beef seminar, let them eat weeds, cattle outlook, Master Gardener's 2014 classes offered)