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OSU's Extension 4-H and Family and Community Health connect youth to educational programs and serve communities with research-based resources and programs. Read one of our most popular stories about kids bridging the rural and urban divide or learn more about how the Tech Wizards program uses emerging technology to equip underrepresented youth with basic life and workforce skills.


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4-H'ers learn about promising aviation careers

4-H club in Malheur County teaches youth about aerospace, science and engineering.

Young entrepreneurs turn creative ideas into businesses

The Young Entrepreneurs Club from the Oregon State University Extension Service's 4-H program and the Astoria Sunday Market teaches youth how to start a business.

Featured Question

I am a childcare provider in Benton County. This summer a friend came over to visit and informed me I had poison hemlock growing in my garden. I had no idea!! In addition to daycare children I also have two little boys of my own and my heart almost stopped when I realized what could have happened because I had no idea what that plant was. Though I have researched on the internet, there does not seem to be any comprehensive chart or guide that lists and identifies these plants/weeds. Is there any publication or pamphlet etc that I could get that would help? I want to make sure that I know these plants are not in my yard as a potential threat to my children and those I care for.

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