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WaterWise gardening
Land policy changes would sequester more carbon and conserve habitat

Rewarding landowners for converting farmland into forest will be a key to sequestering carbon and providing wildlife habitat, according to a new study by Oregon State University and collaborators.

Genome could unlock eucalyptus potential for paper, fuel and fiber

In a collaboration spanning five continents, scientists have announced the complete sequencing of one of the world’s most widely planted trees, Eucalyptus grandis.

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A sustainable landscape uses minimal water, fertilizers, pesticides, labor and building materials.
It’s about making changes and informed choices, even small ones, that improve the quality of our lives and of the planet for future generations.

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We have a maple tree on our rental property, about 4" from the fence. The neighbor considers the tree to be a nuisance since it drops leaves and debris on his side. He called me the other day to say that he pruned all the branches back on his side and we should remove the tree this week. Um, what? We had no plans to remove this tree. We were not aware of his agenda to prune back or remove this tree. I'm attaching a photo. My question now is.... has he caused significant damage to this tree in that we are now required to prune back our side to balance the tree again? If we don't prune the tree and it falls onto our home, can he be liable for that damage or is that our liability since it's OUR tree....even though he caused the damage. i can't find anyone to answer this for me. Please help!

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