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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge in our busy world. OSU Extension offers several community outreach programs that equip and encourage Oregonians to eat right and make exercise a part of their daily life. Take the Mastery of Aging Well course, check out some of our recipes, or read our publications and stories about health-related topics in Oregon.

Stories & Tips
Preventing foodborne illness
Prevent and treat mold to make your home healthy
Popular Publications
Making a decision about a nursing home is seldom easy. In fact, it may be one of the hardest decisions you'll ever face.
Helpful food safety guidelines to help prevent foodborne illness.
For some elderly people, the use of alcohol becomes a problem, affecting all aspects of life--physical health, emotional well-being, and family relationships.
Tips to help keep your kitchen clean, which is a helpful step in reducing germs.

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I'm trying to follow a recipe to create a chlorophyll cleanse which includes juniper. Which juniper plant is edible both leaves & berries?

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