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Explore Oregon's Nutrition Education program and find out how it connects Oregonians to local and regional community food resources. Watch a video about the OSU Extension Portland Hispanic Nutrition program. Check out OSU's Food Innovation Center if you want to take your food products to market. The Food Hero website is an online resource for people who want to eat healthy meals.


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Héroe de Alimentos: Consejos para preparar comidas saludables
Food Hero: Helpful messages for healthy eating
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Keep germs and flies away by washing dirty dishes every day.
Keep things clean to get rid of germs. The first step is to wash your hands.

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Two weeks ago, when fixing brown basmati rice for dinner (bought from bulk in last 2 mos.) kept some in a kitchen container, noticed black "dust" at bottom of container; put on eye glasses to see - eek!.... many dead teeny tiny black bugs, but about 200 crawling actively. Threw the whole amt. out. b) Now - today - preparing white rice [Bagged - different brand... purchaced within last 4 mos. ] from similar kitchen container I use for daily use....and eek! again the bottom coated w/ black "dust" + about 10% crawling teeny tiny black bugs.  Will the remainder not placed into plastic container be be okay in the original bag? Or - - should the BAG be thrown away? How can I prevent this in the future?

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