Small Farms

Farming takes many shapes and sizes in Oregon. Learn how to start a small farm, try out the organic fertilizer and crop cover calculator, connect with other small farmers, or find out about upcoming small farm events. Watch a short video about a recent farmers market in Corvallis, Oregon to see how some small farm owners sell their food.

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Read the latest news from the OSU Extension Small Farms program
Oregon State ranks seventh worldwide in agriculture and forestry

Oregon State University has been recognized as a world-class center in agriculture and forestry, ranking seventh in a new international survey of more than 200 schools.

Popular Publications
NEW. Understand the biology and habits of voles and gophers before management begins.
This new publication shows how to handle, store and compost manure, and reduce negative effects on the environment. Printable PDF and audio files.
A successful direct farm marketing business requires knowing and understanding effective marketing and management practices.
Laboratory soil tests will help you develop and maintain more productive soil, which is an essential part of any successful small farm.
Consider your resources, the land available, and your level of interest before deciding to engage in the cattle business.
The key to a healthy small-acreage horse farm is to recognize that horses, grass, manure, soil, and water are interconnected.
Often, when people buy a small farm they simply want someone to tell them what they can “do” with it.
How to germinate seeds and grow them into healthy plants.

Featured Question

I'm in the process of buying some grassfed beef through an Oregon coast farmer on Craigslist. The beef was recently processed and is ready to pick up, however we won't be getting any liver as the cows had liver flukes. I'm wondering if liver flukes affect the rest of the animal/meat quality and safety.

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