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Westside Pasture Calendar Training 2017
This all-day workshop is highly technical and is therefore ideal for NRCS, SWCD, and Watershed personnel, as well as experienced grazers.
Master Food Preserver Workshops 2017
Check out the informative and fun workshops brought to you by the volunteer Coos County Master Food Preservers.

National 4-H Week 2017

4-H Enrollment begins October 1st.

Check back soon to learn more.

Grow True Leaders

In 4‑H, we believe in the power of young people.
The Grow True Leaders Campaign will engage
young people and rally the nation to provide
more youth with hands-on experiences so they
grow into true leaders.

True Leaders aren't born. They're grown.

County 4-H Calendar

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In an age of disasters, being ready is a serious concern
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