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Protect Your Home From Wildfire
Learn how to look at your property with an eye to wildfire preparedness - Learn what you can do to reduce risk
Silviculture Basics
Thinning Your Small Woodland. A series of three Wednesday evening workshops.

2018 tomatorama

2018 Tomato-Rama Plant Sale

Join the Coos County OSU Extension Service and
Coos County Master Gardeners for the
15th Annual Plant Sale!
Saturday, May 19th 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, May 20th 12 noon - 3 pm
at Pony Village Mall

Distance & Continuing Education - Credit Courses


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Increase in synchrony of climate could expose marine and terrestrial organisms to higher risks of extinction
Martens are like the river otters of the woods
Juniper reduction alone won't be enough to restore habitat
Oregon's Agricultural Progress
The research magazine for Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment Station
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