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LEAP program set for September 3 - 28 in Bandon
LEAP (Lifestyle Eating Activity Progress) Prevent and Reverse Disease Nutrition and Cooking Classes

As autumn approaches and fruits and
vegetables are plentiful, think about
ways you can preserve those foods
for healthy, inexpensive winter meals.

The Coos County Master Food Preservers
are offering several fall workshops that
might be of interest. Check out their
schedule HERE


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Rewarding landowners for converting farmland into forest will be a key to sequestering carbon and providing wildlife habitat, according to a new study by Oregon State University and collaborators.
Cows raised on organic and conventional dairy farms in three regions of the United States show no significant differences in health or in the nutritional content of their milk, according to a new study by Oregon State University researchers and their collaborators.
A crop scientist with international experience has been named as director of Oregon State University’s Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center in Pendleton.
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The research magazine for Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment Station
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