Arts & Crafts

4-H Cast Ceramics - this is a 29 page manual developed to provide teachers and students with the basic knowledge of cast ceramics. This project is called "cast" ceramics because it is limited to clay projects that are cast or made in plaster-of-paris molds. Grades 4-8

Art Through Painting - the objectives of this manual are to encourage awareness of objects and surroundings in nature; learn basic fundamentals in sketching and painting; strive toward good composition; learn care and use of equipment and good work habits; and develop cooperation through sharing of ideas and materials, tolerance, responsibility and consideration of others. Grades 4-8

Wood Science - this is a set of three student guides and one teacher manual designed to introduce your student to the art of woodworking. Guides include instructions and activities on how to use tools, glue and stain wood, and pick the right type of wood for each project. These guides also include diagrams and measurements for an assortment of woodworking projects. Grades 4-12

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