Borrow Boxes Available, Coos County Extension Service

For curriculum descriptions and other supplemental curriculum for the different topics please see the OSU Hands On 4-H School Enrichment Teachers Curriculum Catalog distributed September 2008.

BB100   Germ Kit  

  • Liquid and powder simulated germs
  • Battery or power cord operated black light
  • Book "Germs Make Me Sick" by Melvin Berger
  • Hand washing activity sheets and lesson plans from GloGerm ™
  • Video "ABC's for Handwashing"
  • Video "BAC Attack!: How Our School Fought BAC for Food Safety"

BB101    Nutrition   

  • A plastic 3-D pyramid to give students a visual of a serving size that is not just 2 dimensional
  • Rubber food for each food group molded into appropriate serving sizes
  • Test tubes depicting the amount of sugar, fat, and salt contained in different foods that are popular
  • Fat and muscle replicas
  • Nutrition curriculum from USDA
  • Full size "Food Guide Pyramid" poster

BB102   Health Rocks! Anti-Smoking Kit

  • Smoker's Foul Mouth -- Model that displays what smoking does to the mouth
  • 2 Video set: Smokin': Somebody Stop Me!  The Dangers of Smoking and Why Kids Smoke.  Includes Teacher Guide
  • Smoking Educational Display -- Shows the long term effects of smoking
  • Health Rocks! Curriculum Book with classroom activities and projects

BB103   Beach Explorations  

  • 30 magnifying lenses
  • 30 clip boards
  • 30 pencils (attached to clipboards)
  • 30 small compasses
  • Curriculum: Beach Explorations

BB104   Astronomy Kit  

  • Telescope and 2 spectrometers
  • Star Charts and Planispheres
  • Mics. supplies for activities
  • Planets video
  • Peterson First Guide: Astronomy
  • Nights Sky Guide Book
  • Star Power -- Facilitator's Guide

BB105   Earth Science Kit  

  • Video: "John Day Fossil Beds"
  • Simon and Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals
  • Complete demonstration materials for:

    Mountain formation

  • Plate tectonics


    Making volcanoes


    ID rocks

    Mining in Oregon

    Creation of landforms

  • Curriculum: Oregon 4-H Earth Science Project Leader Guide, Facilitator's Notebook, Materials Coordination List

BB106   Soils: Grades K-8  

  • Soil samples
  • Soil tubes (to test percolation rates)
  • Soil test kit (Tto test pH of soil)
  • Activities and Lessons included

BB107   Soils: Grades 8-12  

  • Test Kits with neccessary solutions, pipets,measuring spoons, and color charts to test soil pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
  • Study of Soil Science Book
  • Soil Handbook
  • Six test tubes
  • Test tube stand
  • Heavy Duty Soil Probe
  • Electronic Soil Analyzer (pH, and fertilizer levels)
  • Introduction to Soils Textbook

BB108   Water: Grades 8-12  

  • Test kit with necessary solutions, pipets, measuring spoons, and color charts to test dissolved oxygen content, chlorides, phosphates, and water hardness
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Activities and Lessons Included

BB109    Entomology (BUGS!)  

  • Insect pins
  • 30 Insect pinning blocks
  • 30 Insect collecting nets
  • 30 Magnifying lenses
  • 30 Killing jars
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Insect Display Box (for teacher to keep in classroom)
  • Vials for keeping soft bodied insects and spiders
  • Petersons First Guide to Insects of North America
  • A Golden Guide: Insects
  • Curriculum: 4-H Entomology Manual

BB110    Project Learning Tree  

  • 30 Metric Rulers
  • 30 Tree Height and Diameter Measurement sticks
  • Tree Round Set
  • Copy of "Trees to Know in Oregon"
  • Curriculum: Project Learning Tree

BB111    Timber Cruising Kit  

  • Increment borer     
  • Silva compass
  • Clinometer
  • Sharpening stone
  • Cruiser's vest              
  • Cruiser's prism
  • Logger's 100' tape
  • clipboard
  • Farm Forester's Handbook

BB112   Paper Chase: Paper Making Kit  

  • Plywood squares                            
  • Wooden frames                              
  • Rollers
  • Sponges
  • Screening
  • Felt
  • Blenders
  • Display Bleached craft pulp
  • Display wood chips
  • Posters: Wood processing
  • Mystery paper bags
  • Curriculum: The Paper Chase
  • Supplement: Science and Engineering concepts workbook

BB113    Trees and Lumber Dimensions  

  • Tree round with marked lumber dimensions
  • Display board with species samples
  • Color activity
  • Curriculum: Grades 2-5
  • Resource: Trees to Know in Oregon
  • Extended product lesson

BB114    Basic Botany/Plants    

  • Stem model of dicotyledonous
  • Stem model of monocotyledon
  • 30 Magnifying lenses
  • Seeds (bean-dicot seed, corn-monocot seed)
  • Pots for planting in the classroom
  • 1 Tabletop Grow Lab (with adjustable light source)
  • Curriculum: Growlab and 4-H Horticulture Guides

BB115    Plant Collection & ID

  • Plant press
  • Plant mounting sheets
  • Large and small ID tags
  • Botany paste and glue
  • Weights (to hold specimens down until paste dries)
  • 30 Magnifying lenses
  • 30 Eye lenses
  • Properly mounted example
  • Curriculum: Trees to Know in Oregon, How to use a plant ID key, and Weeds of the West

BB116   The Incredible Egg  

  • Incubator
  • Dozen fertilized eggs
  • Classroom brooder kit
  • Egg candler
  • Curriculum:  Hatching Classroom Projects
    Extension can deliver the incubator to your classroom and talk to the kids about what they need to do to successfully hatch the chicks in the classroom and get you comfortable with the hatching process. Don't forget, this is a 7 day a week project that lasts for 3 weeks so please have someone available to turn the eggs on the weekend

BB117    Dairy  

  • Calf bottle
  • Cow pill and pill giver
  • Ear identification tag
  • Samples of grain, hay and minerals
  • Identification cards of all Dairy Breeds
  • Milk from Cow to You poster
  • Milk from Cow to You teacher guide

Ag Videos Available

From OSU Extension Service

1. The Honey Files: A Bee's Life- with workbook

2. On The Farm Series:
a. Summer On The Farm 1
b. Summer On The Farm 2 Animals
c. Winter On The Farm
d. Fixin' On The Farm
e. Every Day Is Earth Day On The Farm

3. Cranberry BOUNCE

4. Tractor Safety

5. Safety Net

6. Safe Country For Kids

7. Identifying Farm/Ranch and Family Goats

8. Pork TV

9. Body Condition Scoring For Sheep

10. Producing Wholesome Beef

11. Beefing It Up

12. Who's Coming To Dinner

13. Dairy Herd Health and Nutrition

14. Gee Whiz In Agriculture Series:
a. Chickens and Piglets and Lambs, Oh My! (video and workbook)
b. From Moo To You! (video and workbook)
c. How Do Horses Run So Fast? (video and workbook)
d. How Do You Grow A Fish Sandwich? (video and workbook)
e. Now Ear This! (video and workbook)
f. Water Heroes! (video and workbook)
g. What's Bugging You? (video and workbook)
h. Why Can A Cow Eat Grass? (video and workbook)
i. Wood You Take Care Of Me? (video and workbook)
j. Wool Ewe Keep Me Warm? (video and workbook)
k. Yams In Space! (video and workbook)

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