Creepy Crawlies - this is a guide for kids to begin looking at the world of insects and see how diverse it really is. Grades 3-5

What's Bugging You? - a guide for students to take a closer look at entomology and get a further in-depth view following "Creepy Crawlies." Grades 6-8

Dragons, House and Other Flies - this guide is designed to help students learn about insects, their behavior and their life histories to be used following "What's Bugging You?" Grades 9-12

4-H Entomology Manual - the objectives of this manual and leader/teacher guide is to learn skills necessary to collect, display, and study insects; learn the life history and habits of representative insects and understand their relationship to humans/human populations; and learn to recognize the major groups (orders) of insects. Grades 4-8

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