Environmental Education

Rethinking Recycling: An Oregon Waste Reduction Curriculum - this teachers resource guide is designed to give hands-on access to the methods, ideas, resources and content information that will allow educators to teach concepts of waste management and related environmental issues to students. Grades 4-6

Environmental Management Power: Waste Management Curriculum - leaders/teachers guide and youth journal provides youth with hands-on activities to gather factual information about waste management concerns, make informed decisions, and develop creative solutions. Grades 6-9

Give Water a Hand - this curriculum is designed to teach children how to take appropriate action on local environmental issues. A number of water related organizations banded together to help young people understand all sides of water quality issues, make decisions, develop investigative skills, and learn basic ecological principles. Grades 3-10

Cycling Back to Nature - an environmental source book of activities addressing the environmental influence of natural products, manufactured products and by-products on the earth's natural cycles. Grades 3-12

Earth Connections - Earth Connections (earth, air, water) is a curriculum that is designed to help youth to understand the environmental and stewardship issues associated with soil, air and water conservation and quality. Grades K-3

4-H Recycling Adventures - learning about waste can be fun! The curriculum provides simple and inexpensive, yet fun and creative activities that teach youth about major waste management concepts, including the four R's: reduce, reuse, reject, and recycle. It is designed to be teacher friendly and take much of the guesswork out of teaching this subject. Grades K-6

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